Live rock with coral

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Have 2 rocks I will be getting rid of when I break down my 30.  $25 bucks each OBO

Some of the coral shown will he fragged off the rock before sale, but both will have a ton of coral left on them.

One will have a ton of green mushrooms, xenia, and what's left of the mint green pavona after I frag it out.  Also will have the foot of the long tentacle toadstool that will regrow a new one.

The second has a ton of green implosion palys, radioactive dragon eyes and some xenia.  I'll also leave a red mushroom or 2 on that one.  

Both are packed with life such as brittle stars and pods 


Some things arent open all the way up as I just removed all rock to catch fish.  But the rocks are usually fully taken up.



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