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Open House tomorrow 10/6. With Food and Frags

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Hello Reefers 


Out of the blue a social event has formed involving 12 to 15 local hobbyist’s so I figured I’d send an invite to the BRK community. 

Sunday 10/6 from 8 to 10:30 my doors will be open to anyone.  
 I have a Pork Butt slow cooking since 5pm tonight and will have Jambalaya and Jalapeño Shrimp poppers.  

mimosas, daiquiri and beer will be on hand, I know it is early but Mimosas do have Orange Juice. 

I have a lot of really good priced frags that will be available.  

dozens of Acan Frags - $6

Dozens of assorted Zoanthids Frags - $15 or buy 3 get 1 free


Duncan Frags -$10


candy cane $5 per head 


Yuma’s multiple colors. $20


sizable Gonipora Frags  pink / Green / Teal


torch / hammers and Octo spawns 

red and purple Cap - $10


named Zoanthids 

Utter Chaos, Nirvana, Purple Monsters, Pandora’s, Sunny D’s, JF Cry Baby, Orange Bam Bams, 


and more. 

Text me for address or photos 







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