My 300 Gallon Project Reborn...AGAIN... (PIC HEAVY)

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Plywood tanks are actually one of the oldest forms of custom large tanks. I first read about them in "The Marine Aquarium Handbook" & "The Marine Aquarium Reference Guide" by Martin Moe. I'm proud to say that they still adorn my bookshelf to this very day and taught me so much about the systems of the past and how to learn from simplicity. Before I was injured I was planning to build a very very large concrete tank which would have been a very new and different experience than working with wood. Maybe some day with the help of some dedicated friends I can realize my idea.

My interest in marine fish got me my first job in a pet shop when I was 14 then I found the reptile section to be very interesting and that has grown into my life's work. Please let me know when you are ready for that Piebald. They are much cheaper now and will continue to hold their current value.

I'd never heard of plywood tanks until this thread. If it works, it works!

As for the piebalds, I noticed the prices dropped, but they're still gorgeous and so different. I was looking at your website the other night after I found this thread and I must say, that coral glow ball python...outrageously gorgeous!

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Ok I'm going to post here to list the inhabitants so I can keep track of them for now...


2 - Blue (Hippo) Tangs

1 - Sohal Tang

1 - Blonde Naso Tang

1 - Fisher's Angel

1 - Harlequin Tusk

5 - Threadfin Cardinals

6 - Vanderbilt Chromis

Corals (Wild):

Acanthastrea lordhowensis (Green)

Micromussa sp?

Green Open Brain

Red Open Brain

Montipora sp? (Red w/Orange polyps)

Acropora sp? (Brown w/Blue tips)

Acropora cytherea (Pink table)

Corals (captive grown frags):

Acropora gomezi (Midnight Blue)

Acropora tenuis (Green & Blue)

Acropora tenuis (Royal Blue)

Acropora turaki (Green)

Acropora turaki (Blue)

Acropora millepora (Pink)

Acropora millepora (Green w/Blue)

Acropora sp? (Lincoln Lilac)

Acropora sp? (Deep Water Bottlebrush)

Acropora sp? (Red Planet)

Acropora sp? (Orange Halo Stag)

Acropora sp? (Miami Orchid)

Acropora sp? (Bonsai Garden)

Montipora capricornis (Purple & Blue)

Montipora capricornis (Starbright)

Seriatopora hystrix (Ponape)

Seriatopora hystrix (Pink & Green)

Palythoa (Purple Death)

Palythoa (Captain America)

Palythoa (Tinkerbell)

I hope everyone makes it :) It would be nice to see this tank grow some nice corals...

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Are you getting all your captive stuff from TCN?


Yes all of that captive stuff so far is from TCN. I want to watch those and if growth and health seems good then I'll start gathering other stuff.

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