My best SPS tank ever...

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Hello everyone,

I might have posted pics on LARC of this tank years ago but recently I found a few more pics of it. This was my most successful tank I've ever run!

29 gallon (30"x12"x15") with a DSB/Plenum System


1 - 250W 6500K Iwasaki SE Metal Halide run by a Single PFO Ballast

4 - 24" 75w VHO Actinics run by an IceCap 660

NO CHILLER/ Lots of fans :)

1 - Coral Connection Version 1 Hang On Protein Skimmer

4 - random sized submersible powerheads

1 - Fluval 203 Canister Filter (No media just used for water circulation)

Only doing 5 gallon water changes every week or so with unfiltered Mandeville well water :) Also dosing 2-part B-Ionic at about 4 times the max recommended dose.

This was set-up in 1997 and ran until about mid 2000. Most of the corals grew from frags! I really would like to recreate this type of growth in my 300 gallon


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Nice, Sean...I was wondering when you'd post up pictures of it. I think you had shown this photo to me back when you had the shop out in Goodbee.

+1 rep to you!

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Wow, that tank is packed. It looked great.

Thanks!! It was such an addiction at the time! The calcium needs of it were INSANE!!! I eventually installed a Korallin Calcium Reactor to help with my bills on B-Ionic. This was when I earned $7.00/hour working at the LFS... Those were the days of strict budgets!

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That could quite possibly be the best looking 29 ever. Impressive to say the least.

Thanks!! It was definitely a Bonsai Reef for sure! I could tell you the tank was huge and most wouldn't be able to tell what size it was. It was the max that I could afford at the time and I sometimes look at that pic and wonder why I'm trying to work with a 300 gallon!!

and i THOUGHT my 29g was packed! that looks pretty awesome!

Thanks :) Towards the end it was definitely overcrowded. I learned which Acro's were stronger than the others when they would take each other over! LOL

Very nice :)

Thanks for the compliment :)

Wow! That's just ridiculous! Very nice.

I hope I can create ridiculousness again!

i'm going to print out that picture and tape it to the front of my 20g tank and just pretend for awhile

Jackson, I know what you mean! I'm working with a sparsely decorated 300 gallon now and its killing me. Maybe I should project this image onto the wall! LOL Just be steady and diligent with your 20g! I love little tanks!

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