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  2. The jars 8 month old. Just an air stone, heater, and weekly water change.
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  5. Chrismartin

    Who ships

    Looking for people that ship in group
  6. Chrismartin

    Who ships

    Looking for people that ship in group
  7. Mikehag

    Acan - sold

    3 heads. Located near aquatic sealife. Can meet in mandeville as well. $15
  8. Located in Houma. Text me. 985-278-8387.
  9. I have 2 metal power supplies for radion gen 3 I believe that are battery back up supported. They came with the tank when I bought it and I have no use for them. Make an offer
  10. Baton Rouge. Send me a text to 225-284-1819
  11. Anyone have one of these?
  12. I’m headed that way today. Would you be available if I want to buy?
  13. I have some large leathers I’d trade for the xenia. And I’m headed your way this afternoon. Just let me know.
  14. It's still for sale, yeah, but I'm in Slidell and it looks like you're over in Lafayette. I could try and arrange shipping to over there if you're still interested, but I don't have time in the next few weeks to drive much further than Hammond, sorry!
  15. Hey guys, hoping these are good price points for used gear. Kessil A80: $90 2 years old, still in good condition as far as i can tell. Reefkeeper Lite: $80 Also 2 years old, comes with: Head Unit 1 Power Controller 4 bar 1 Power Bar 4 (Can't remember if it's the PC4 or PB4, but one of them has issues turning off, and can stick on until you unplug from the socket and plug back in) Temperature Probe (I'll clean it up before giving it to anyone don't worry) Light Controller Unit Cord to ramp up and down the Kessil A80 from Reefkeeper settings Or you can take both for $150. Message me if there's any interest!
  16. Earlier
  17. Lots of zoas and some mushrooms,hammers, Duncan's Location Shreveport Louisiana Or I ship Monday- Wednesday Some pictures of you want anymore info text me or call 727-479-7962 Or find me on FB Chris dodson Not on group often
  18. If his rock isn’t still available I have around 50lbs i would sell. Just send me a private message if interested
  19. Anyone interested in some? Depending on size 50-100
  20. SOLD Hey all. Sweet and simple, covid has affected pay for me pretty drastically so trying to unload my softie tank and some growout frags. They have all been in my tank and healed for a minimum of 3 months, some longer. All these prices are OBO as I've tried to price them fair, if some seem off feel free to let me know. Will make killer packs of interested in multiples. im located in Lafayette and would prefer not to ship at the time being. But willing to travel reasonable sistance if packs are purchased. All pictures taken under blues with orange filter using OnePlus 8 Pro. -Timothy Dragon soul torch (single head) 150 Jawbreaker shroom 100 (small speck of red devoloping, can't get in picture. Also will come on baseball size rock, not plug) Lava lamp 20 Neptune bounce 100 (not pictured, dime size with 2 very tiny babies) zoas: 1p princess oxana 130 2p lc shadow princess 25 2p seduction 50 2p tcg beauty and the beast 50 4p psychosis 60 1p queen strat 30 11p Illuminati 125 4p tazer 70 5p superstar 50 10p bowser 100 3p petroglyph 40 2p rainbow yoda 30 4p buttmuncher 40 3p god of war 30 8p rainbow incenerator 50 10+ rainbow hornet 75 5p pink zipper 25 8p rainbow infusion 25 5p purple monster 25
  21. Blake

    165g $900

    Just the nem and some Kenya trees
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