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  2. I found some. Mod please close.
  3. Yesterday
  4. Pitts337

    Rayne area

    I live in Opelousas but go there everyonce in a while what u looking cor
  5. Last week
  6. Looking for a uv sterilizer for my 90 gallon anybody has one for sale in the area
  7. Crochet-chance


    Is the rock with twirlers still available
  8. Seachem tidal hang on back filter. I don’t remember what size it’s either a 75 or 110. A fluval fx4 canister filter, fluval light, 75 gallon Undrilled tank and stand. Hang on back eshops protein skimmer. Asking $400 or obo
  9. Age: close To a year size: 2 and a half inches don’t think they are a bonded pair yet
  10. Earlier
  11. You won't be disappointed in anything Ricky sells
  12. aquaman67

    55 Gallon

    if anyone keep fresh also. I have a 55 gallon tank, stand, tops, fluorescent light and marineland 350 biowheel. $200
  13. I've got frogspawn, hammers , and rainbow Yuma mushrooms if you are interested
  14. Yes ! Rainbow yumas
  15. Sold lock to up please
  16. cigmin

    Need Ato

    Ever tried a syphon manual setup ?
  17. Please remove they r gone
  18. Please remove lights have been sold
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