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  1. Yesterday
  2. You won't be disappointed in anything Ricky sells
  3. Last week
  4. aquaman67

    55 Gallon

    if anyone keep fresh also. I have a 55 gallon tank, stand, tops, fluorescent light and marineland 350 biowheel. $200
  5. I've got frogspawn, hammers , and rainbow Yuma mushrooms if you are interested
  6. cigmin

    Need Ato

    Ever tried a syphon manual setup ?
  7. Please remove lights have been sold
  8. CodyF.

    Tanks for sale

    Almost everything is sold. Price drop. tank with sump & skimmer $800 zoas in frag tank $150 for all. pair of Wyoming White clowns $60 for the pair. 7 headed lobo-$70 yellow scroll coral-$50 big toadstool-$60 acan colony-$40 chalices- $20 each if interested text 337-522-0517
  9. Earlier
  10. Hey everybody. I have a 32 gallon biocube for sale. It comes with the tank, stand, lights, return pump with random flow generator, a power head, 20 lbs of fiji sand, and misc. Tank well taken care of little to no scratches in acrylic. Minor hood damage. Lights are orbit marine led lights. Located in baton rouge 175$ takes it home
  11. Does anyone have Oregon Tort frags or colonies for sale ? thanks!
  12. Interested in the canister filter. Is it available ?
  13. Do you have an Oregon Tort in there ?
  14. Like the title says looking for a rodi unit 75gph or 100gph. Thanks.
  15. I am interested but need to know if it fits in my space. Can I get some measurements please.
  16. Sorry everyone. Didn’t realize my first post went through so it’s double posted.
  17. Sorry everyone. Didn’t realize my first post went through so it’s double posted.
  18. If you still have the sunset monti frags I can come by tomorrow and pick it up.
  19. captgreg

    ISO Lighting

    I have a Kessil can check out them shrooms too lol
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