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  3. Two 1 year old gen 4 Radion XR15's for sale. Both are in great condition and work well. Asking 325 each if sold separately or 600 for both. Email or Text for photos if interested. 8314207649. Located in Baton Rouge.
  4. Lol I just noticed that I had to update it and now it's working find Haven't done any updates in a while but here is why and this is what I did to bounce back from it I discovered a crack in the tank from the return bulk head to the front glass I guess I tighten down to hard on the bulb head I didn't notice the crack until I had the tank half way full of water smh now what to do. After doing so searching and thinking I wanted to go with a large shallow tank but did I really wanna do a whole complete build or just get the tank fixed and low and behold I called ron at reef coral and he had a brand new 90 gallon Now it was time to get the ball back rolling again. Time to aquascape and get water and sand it this bad boy and cycle it with right now they say it cycles within 24 hrs but we will see After waiting a few days it was time to see how true is it to be able to cycle the tank using right now bacteria Ron told me he uses it on all his customers tanks so let's give it a try So I added 3 talbots damsels and 2 pajama cardinals to start with Then my addition kicked in so I acquired 2 fish I always wanted a mustard tang and china wrasse I couldn't get a good picture of the wrasse but I will try to get one later on.
  5. Last week
  6. Ok just let me know if ur interested in the 65
  7. have you checked out the ones at Coral Connection ?
  8. J-0418

    95 gallon setup

    Bump. $500 takes it.
  9. i have a 95 gallon with a stand.
  10. mine is still available if you are still interested.
  11. Blake

    LF 40 breeder

    For a sump or a tank?
  12. I have a 90 gallon tank/stand/canopy accessories if you are still in need.
  13. Sunny D's 4 polyp $30 5 polyp $35 6 polyp $40 Magicians 3 polyp $10 5 polyp $20 Star polyp live rock $50 Duncan mini colony 27 head $75 10 head with over 20 smaller heads $45
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  15. reefdave

    Please close

    Looking for just the base unit (brains) for an apex classic. Mine is on the way out and need a backup. David
  16. Mikehag

    zoa frags

    Only 1, 3 head frag still available

    Angels SOLD

    What is your best price on both? PM i would like to take them both.
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