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  2. Outragoues90

    90 gallon

    Up for sale is my 5 month old aqueon 90 gallon that I purchased from reef coral back in my it comes with the over flow kit but no stand or other equipment 300 obo.
  3. Yesterday
  4. This has been sold. I am trying to delete post.
  5. 55 gallon tank and solid metal stand. Needs some love. Holds water (tested) Small crack in plastic on top Metal stand has some rust Needs a good cleaning. $50 OBO Pick up only -LaPlace
  6. Last week
  7. Fat

    Great Equipment Deals

    U still have skimmer
  8. Lisa

    ISO Fish & Coral

    Got pics of monti or palys?
  9. Any Large Tanks? Need to buy quickly
  10. Lisa

    Six line wrasse

    You still have him? I want! Text 225-776-6782
  11. Lisa

    ISO Fish & Coral

    Tank Crash, Lost a lot. Need LARGE Yellow Tang etc. To go with powder blue, hippo, clown. Package deals on Corals would be nice.
  12. You have anything left? Im starting over
  13. Lisa

    Six line wrasse

    Im interested! Still available?
  14. Bakerjax12

    Full setup

    Can you send me some pics. 225-363-7336
  15. Do you still have these available?
  16. selling half (2 split heads but multiple pinching on each) 2500 or whole 4000(4 splitting heads with multiple pinching on each). Pick up or meet only. Baton Rouge. pm me Shows the multiple pinching on each head.
  17. I have a 90 gallon set up everything you need lab rock pumps lights and stand
  18. Earlier
  19. 120 gallon Planet Aquarium, rimless. Tank and all equipment bought new. Tank was set us for a year. We renovated our home having to tear it down, deciding not to set it back up. Asking $3,000.00 for all. The following is included: - Bubble Magus media reactor w/ WP1000 pump - Bubble Magus Elite 7 protein skimmer - Bulk Reef Supply RO system (whole system with extra parts) - Bubble Magus dosing system - EcoTech Marine Vectra M1 pump - Tunze 3155 Osmolator - Reeflink - (1) XR30 pro - (2) XR15 pro - (3) light mounts ( 1 for XR 30 and 2 for XR15) - Trigger Ruby 36 sump - APEX classic system w/ PH and temperature probe - (2) magnetic frack racks (small and large) - (2) heaters - Refractometer - Lab grade thermometer - Various test kits - (2) older MP40s - Live rock Photos can be seen here: Text for any questions or pictures @ 225-747-5033
  20. Anemone died. Will update if it splits again
  21. I have a 150 ext reef octo skimmer used maybe 6-8 months 200 with skimmer and external pump
  22. ABI Tuna Blue LED Bulb Coral Reef Optimized Spectrum PAR38 Though I am considering upgrading to the 24w
  23. Hi new here. I've been keeping salt water for about 15 years now. Ive been doing freshwater for probly twice that. I curently am running 4 smaller set ups two fresh two salt. I have (allmost two) nuvo 20s one regular one penensula. I am about to upgrade my scratched up like 5-6 year old 10g into the IM 20 penensula I alredy have the regular IM 20g nuvo running. The tank arrived the other day delivered standing on its end. Hope it's not gona leak. I will probly start building a stand on monday. Heres some pics of my curent saltwater setups.
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