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  1. Yesterday
  2. looking for another reef tank any where from 100 to 150 gallons is anyone has one or know some one with one for sale please point me into their direction.
  3. Is it still available and is this peninsula style tank
  4. Last week
  5. I cut these frags 1 day after pics were taken and they are already opening up. I have 4 frags and one of the rocks has 2 pieces on it. I would take 20 for a frag and 30 for the rock with 2 frags on it. 1 frag is pending. I would also trade for other corals. Preferably lps/zoas/euphyllia. Pick up/meet in prairieville. 225-363-7336
  6. 180 g marineland w/ corner boxes 60g sump apex controller w/ trident ro/di set up included really to many items to name. Over 18K in value new. All livestock included. asking $8,500.00 OBO
  7. 90 Gallon tank and stand (have new bulkheads for plumbing) Pro Clear aquatic sump Believe (2) gen 3 radion xr30's Asking $1200 - Pm me with questions Leguna UV sterilizer - $80 (2) Dosing containers -$40 for both Bubble Magus Doser with Bracket (needs one new head) - $125
  8. I have tons of daisy polyps that I need to trim back on $10 for a ~3" mat. Mushroom $20 Toadstool Leather $20 Green polyp - $10/ ~3"mat Branching green polyp - $10 for frag. Located in Baton Rouge
  9. Earlier
  10. 30 gallon acryllic ATO Container. 28"x18"x14" 1/2" acryllic. $225 willing to trade for white hydra 26 or 52. Also possibly willing to trade for torch or high end acros/Milliporas, but more interested in cash or light
  11. 150 Gallon Tank for Sale $1000 includes tank and everything in it and under it. Must come and disassemble and move yourself. Contact Rachel for additional information.
  12. Echomsp


    No plans to go to New Orleans. Gonzales is about the closest I would be. I can see how much is it would cost to ship
  13. You have any pictures ?
  14. I'm moving and downsizing so I have this 5gallon project up for sale, $120 for everything including a Fluval Nano LED (Bluetooth programmable), HOB filter, gravity fed ATO, a candy cane and macros, and clean up crew (mainly some hermits and one trochus snail), no fish Located in Denham Springs
  15. Hello how much is your tank going . I can promise it will be going to a good home!
  16. Hello: I am looking to get back into the hobby after being gone for three years. I could really use some help. I am trying to find a 120 to 180 gallon tank that is drilled . Can some one help. My pockets are not real deep, but hopefully that will change in the near future.
  17. sleeper bird


    got a reef octopus hob skimmer aprox 6 years old think the model is 20311 never a problem got out of the hobby 120.00 obo
  18. about 6 years old never a problem,got out of the hobby 350.00 obo model number AC16H
  19. I sent you a PM. Thanks.
  20. Txt you my phone is 334 area code
  21. 2ft x 4ft x 10in drilled lowboy frag tank $75
  22. looking fora large tank anywhere from a 125 to a 200 gallon just the tank itself.
  23. I have a nice sized green toadstool leather that is taking over my tank. Just seeing if anybody would be interested in some frags. They aren’t cut yet but I will cut if interested. I would do $20-30 for them or trade for some zoas or other lps. Text me for pics and questions. 225-363-7336
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