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  1. Today
  2. Works perfectly fine. Only used for about a year then took the tank down and it sat up ever since. 180 take it OBO
  3. I want it gone soon. I’m open to all offers
  4. Yesterday
  5. I was hoping u in lafayette. it too far for me.
  6. Like the title says i need a tank a stand and a hood 55 gallon long or 40 gallon breerder. With or without lights. Need it to take plants in this winter thanks in advanced.
  7. Interested in buying today message me please.
  8. I have a 20 cube ready to be plugged in. It comes with everything you can think of including livestock and backup equipment
  9. Last week
  10. I have way too many hobbies and my tank has been neglected so I am looking to move on. I have a 5’ long 120 gallon tank for sale with the following. steel stand with magnetic wood panels and adjustable feet wood canopy with doors and flip open lid Apex classic Neptune Dos 1 Neptune Wav (other one broke but this one is new) 1 mp40 (6 months old) vortech battery backup vortech l1 return pump Reef octopus Diablo external skimmer (varios pump) Small mag drive pump to feed skimmer Reef Breeders Photon led light pair of 24v dosing pumps wired to apex Neptune feeder neptune ATO spectrapure ato pump triple float switch ATO BRS dual filter canister for carbon/gfo 40b sump with glass baffles Amazon grow light for fuge MRC calcium reactor with 5lb bottle and regulator ghost style overflow with triple drains outdoor mixing station with 55 gallon drums, mag 9 pump and avast barrel tender air water ice RODI I’m sure I am forgetting some things and will add them as I remember. I would like to get $2,000 for the complete setup including rocks and sand and at this time am not interested in parting it out. I can also help with delivery around Baton Rouge if you don’t have a truck as it is a heavy tank and stand. here is the build thread from a few years ago with more details.
  11. I have a custom Acrylic tank and stand with pumps, filter and LED lighting. Neptune system. This was an automated system and I have thousands invested. First $500 and it's yours. Tank is 24" x 24" x 48". Everything or nothing! Do not call to buy parts. Price is firm! Jon Martin 337-739-3385 cell 337-783-2759 home
  12. Earlier
  13. Evening blues on the 180g reef. So far I've added 3 azure damsels, a royal gramma and a starry blenny. Picking up a lamarck angelfish from AquaHut tomorrow. I also did a tiny bit of cable management in the sump area. I got all the plugs and controllers up off of the sump floor. Still need to deal with the nest of wires though. I plan on organizing it better once I get my Apex. Hopefully I can pick one up before the end of the year. Oh, I also added some wifi leds to the sump area for lighting. I can get some crazy colors going if I want. Lol. They aren't super bright, but it's enough to see.
  14. Favia is spoken for, mushroom still available
  15. arenap1

    Blue hippo

    do you still have it
  16. Come join BRK at Coarl Connection, Saturday, December 19th from 11 to 4
  17. APEX EL CONTROLLER with Temp Probe/PH Prob/EB8 - EB8 is a bit older but still in great shape - $360.00 - Slidell Pickup
  18. Eight Leathers available for pickup in Slidell. (1) One Medium $60 - (7) Seven Small/Mediums $40 All cut from the Large Mother in Picture 2
  19. Shipping is $40 Ship Monday through Wednesday
  20. Shipping monday- Wednesday $40 shipping free on orders over $300 Zoas start at $20 Mushrooms start at $20 Acans start at $30 Message me with any questions First 20 orders received free coral food sample from coral feast Can answer faster by text 727-479-7962
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