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  2. Do you have any of the reactors still available?
  3. Brian

    65 gallon

    The wave makers are ecotech and gyer 200 thatbi have in it now. . Lights are t5s and leds .tunze top off. Is some of the stuff.
  4. I just wanted to add some updated photos of the tank. I started adding a few corals yesterday, so we'll see how they do! 2021-01-13_03-00-02 by Jensen Esneault 2021-01-13_02-59-13 by Jensen Esneault 2021-01-13_02-59-31 by Jensen Esneault 2021-01-13_02-59-44 by Jensen Esneault
  5. Moving sale FULL setup purchase = $6000 OBO + If you buy this weekend I'll throw in ONE pair of Saints tickets to one game for next season. On the 45 yard line section 614 row 15. 1/12/2021 Full setup for sale only for one month before parting out 3 years old $3000 Planet Aquarium 72x24x25 $600 72" stand - Doors taken off for picture $300 Reef Octopus 3000int $60 AI Light Mount Rail $250x5 AI Hydra 26HD $100 4 Stage Twist in RO/DI - filters are 1 month old $100 Rock shown in aquarium plus 30lb dry rock not in pictures $300 Coral and Fish $500 Gyro pumps x4 plus Sump pump $100 36 gallon Sump tank $100 Smart AWC ATO $50 2x media filters w/ pump Total $6460 Still have all boxes For sale outside of full setup $100 Reef Octopus 150 $20 20 gallon Quarantine tank $500 2x AI Hydra 26HD w/ HOB arms Freebies included with full setup purchase These items aren't listed above Doser 4 stage RO/DI system 30 gallon fresh water storage AF salt 4x socks 7x 5 gallon jugs 20 gallon Quarantine tank HOB over flow Extra supply and return piping Super Soaker if you want lol 😂
  6. Text for faster response 727-479-7962
  7. I have a rather large purple Monti that is getting too big for my tank (40 breeder). It is about 12” across and has a nice Pavona growing in the middle of it. I’m not sure what to do with it since I’m not sure I could get it out without messing up the Pavona. The Monti is also shading out my Echinata and taking up real estate that I could be using for other corals. I’m posting this to see if anybody has any suggestions for how I might remove the Monti without breaking it all up. I would be open to selling it, but it would have to be a package deal including the rock it’s on and the Pavona since I don’t know how to get it out without breaking it.
  8. missycme

    Corals for sale

    that frog should bring you some good money usually 30-35 a head-just a heads up to help you out wish i was closer-nice frog!
  9. Macsdaddy


    I have a bunch of Rastas, but I’m in Covington.
  10. Mikehag

    Looking for BTA.

    I have rbta for sale. I live right by aquatic sealife. $25-$40 depending on size. Text me 5047233235
  11. Fish up for discussion: $75 Yellow tang 3+ inches $50 Checkerboard wrasse 5 inches In New Orleans
  12. Looking for a o2 scrubber to hook up to my skimmer to raise my ph levels
  13. Deonfish

    Need gone

    This sell will be final I’m selling a 120g tank, stand, sump, and protein skimmer. I’m including a return pump. I’ll allow you to inspect everything before you take it. This tank doesn’t have any plumbing in it. It’s a year old askin for $1,200 I need it gone as soon as possible you’ll have to load it up yourself again this sell will be FINAL serious inquiries only plz and thank you..located in Gonzales, LA
  14. Was looking to see if anybody in the new orleans/kenner area had any macro algae for sale other than the normal chaeto, caluerpa, and grape caluerpa!! Thanks!
  15. Was looking to see if anybody in the new orleans/kenner area had any macro algae for sale other than the normal chaeto, caluerpa, and grape caluerpa!! Thanks!
  16. Still sealed in the box, new Prime 16 with flex mount, black, Asking $180. Located in Carencro and Lafayette.
  17. I have a very nice set up for sale. Looking to sell as a whole with livestock included. 40 gallon breeder with custom stand, 2 AI lights, 30 gal sump and so much more. Contact Tim at 225-284-7562
  18. greg miller posted a two bulb T5 last night for 40
  19. Incase you haven’t found any yet I know it’s way back in June was when this was posted i used to use the tiles from Lowe’s but it was a hassle cutting them and stuff so I use this guys disc and tiles now I have 4x4 tiles
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