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    Got the uv sterilizer in a more convenient spot for me to service it. Plus, it fills from the bottom up now, so water should be all the way around the bulb now. I took my top tank trim off and drilled a hole through it, so the return from the uv sterilizer would dump back into the top of the tank vs recycling it back through the sump... Also, got the DIY Chaeto Reactor going. I put a small ping pong ball of chaeto in it that I had in my sump. Guess it's a waiting game now.
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    I came home today to a mp40 tripping out. It was vibrating wildly against my glass. Somehow it had walked/vibrated up the side of my tank. Luckily, I put the little sticky square zip-tie cable holder whatchamadankie down low. It was acting as a leash holding back the psycho powerhead. I could under stand it possibly doing this and sliding down, but nope this bad boy went against gravity! This particular mp40 (leftside) made a quite a bit more noise than the right side one since the install. I assumed it needed time to settle in, so I didn't think much of it. I tried moving the wetside up down left right (contra haha) against the motor but it never got quite like the right side did. So after I got the Apex to power it down, it pulled the wetside out the tank and took it apart. I found a few pieces of tiny magnet shards stuck to the impeller where it goes into the white ceramic. After cleaning them off and putting it back in the tank it is as quite as the right side now. I guess the debris got on it at the factory and the quick rinse I gave it didn't knock them off the other day. Hoping these suckers don't walk around again like an anemone! On another note, my BRS order came in today. I picked up 20lbs of Tonga simple branch rock just to try out. This is def some nice rock! I can't wait to get it cured, so I can make a few more places for sps! I pulled a few dead sponges, a crab, and lots of dried up algaes off it with tweezers, blasted it with hot water hose bibb, and have it in bleach water with a powerhead now. I'll let it sit in this a few days and then soak it in Prime before I cure it in saltwater. I'm in no hurry. I plan on redoing the plumbing on my UV sterilizer this weekend cause it needs it... I messed up and have it laying on its side attached to the bottom of my tank stand. The inlet and outlet are on the sides of it, so the entire tube does not fill up with water. I'm only treating like half the water that goes through it. I'm going to move it around to the fish closet. I'll add onto some of my return line and add a cpl more valves for the sterilizer and the chaeto reactor I finished up tonight. Plus, instead of sterilized water cycling back through the sump,( like it is now) I'm going to run the outlet of it up the back of the tank and into a loc-line nozzle. We fixing to see what kinda Umph this Fluval SP4 return pump has!