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    Jury is still out on the speed of media usage for me. It’s only been running about 3 weeks now. I got one of the jumbo reactors from BRS and the first full lasted about 2 weeks before I noticed the pH trending lower. I refilled it just before I went on vacation so I’m hoping without me in the house for hours each day it will last a little longer. I think if 2 weeks is the average for me, the 7lb bag of media would last me about 6 weeks @$35 or so per bag. I should add that I also drilled holes for a couple of 1/4” tubes to the outside that I now use to push air to a couple of air stones in the sump. I now have them running into a standing piece of PVC so most of the bubbles don’t get into the sump. Originally I had it feeding the skimmer intake and only saw a 0.02-0.04 average improvement in pH, and would still range from 7.9-8.07 on a daily cycle. After the scrubber it stays stable higher. I have the pH probe on the CaRX set to 6.5 currently.
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    You may want to look at the CO2 scrubber options that bulk reef supply sells. I haven’t used a scrubber myself but have found others that claim their tank showed good results and enhanced growth after installing .
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    I was always worried about adding a reactor to my system and found every excuse why I wouldn't because of the big upfront initial cost. But soon found out that most successful sps dominant tanks rely heavily on the reactors ability to keep parameters rock solid. The Skimz brand has really good reviews and will be worth its weight in no time. I will never run a tank without a calcium reactor again!