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    Well, here's an update on my tank. It's basically on auto pilot right now, coming up on 2 years old. I did recently make the switch from all T5 to only two Kessil A360Xs. Nothing but positive things to say about those. The color, the shimmer, and most importantly they do grow coral. I am keeping up with the big 3 with ATI Essentials Pro. It's only two parts but doses the big 3 and other trace. The corals have responded well and are growing. Demand seemed to ever be climbing but has recently settled out at 6 mL per day of each. Pretty potent stuff IMO. Any-who here's the tank as it currently sits. Scored the rainbow trachy at Fragniappe this year. w00t!
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    Thread necromancy! Nice job on the pipes.
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    Yep, you still know how to do this!
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    Looking good Kirk...I can relate with the internet issues...our only option is Hughes Net...we can't have more than 2 people in my household on the net otherwise it freezes. Have you had any Rock Nem spawns?