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    Don't owe me anything, glad to help out.
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    DSC_0205.jpg by Joe Naquin, on Flickr
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    It's been a very long time since I posted an FTS of my 120. Since losing all the huge acro colonies, my tank has just looked empty. Things are coming along, but, the new SPS frags up at the top of the tank just aren't growing quickly enough for my liking. All my LPS and softies recovered a few months after the crash, and, are doing very well.
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    Man its hard to believe its been 5 years but this website has just gotten better with age.
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    Pm sent JT For those of you guys who dont know Scott he is a selfless individual who is a great guy. This is a great cause to donate to or purchase tickets. If you cant go to the meet like mysel, atleast try and make a donation or purchase a few tickets. Lets get it going guys!
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    This is gonna sound crazy to some but... what keeps me interested is going down to Petco, finding diseased fish and then curing them in my QT. Doesn't hurt that I get the fish for 1/2 price just by pointing out the disease to the manager. I guess they know it's just going to die in their care anyway. I learn something new every time I do it, get a little better at it, and have the satisfaction of knowing I saved a life which would have otherwise been lost.
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    Well it's obvious now.....he's adding an overflow to that cardboard box.
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    not good with photography but I'll give it a shot to enter.
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    Got the ATI Sunpower mounted to the ceiling today. Unlike @Reef Tank Greg, I didn’t opt to give myself additional attic ventilation by putting my foot through the ceiling, lol I had to screw one side into a joist directly because it was right where I needed to put the right side’s mount. I didn’t want to go that route, as I really wanted to mount it to a 2x4 straddling two joists, which is what I did on the left side. I guess it will all still hold, since I used a 3.5” deck screw to affix it to the joist.
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    This about the best FTS I have ATM .
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    This mystery tank does indeed exist. Electrical and plumbing runs in the walls have all been installed and the walls closed up. We thought we were on our way but the material used instead of drywall, which had better insulating properties and resistance to moisture, started sweating a slick, clear, greasy fluid. Fluid analyses were inconclusive other than indicating it had high concentrations of magnesium. Since this material was on the ceiling over the tank as well as on the walls, it all had to be removed. Currently, we are renovating the fish room for Reef 173 at IMCT (many of you helped with the reef trimming several years ago) to bring it up to our current state of our art. Once that is complete, we hope to finally move forward with this monster project.
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    Good old Instant Ocean. $40 for a 200 gal box from the Docs. Been using it for years and if it ain't broke... I dabbled with the expensive mixes years back and never saw any difference other than a lighter wallet.
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    @Bob Loblaw Thank you very much for your purchase. Since our trip to Indo last year we met with and instructed some of our suppliers how we wanted the nems collected along with shipped to us. Since our trip we have brought in numerous carpets and had zero DOA from Indo. We are not a flipper when it comes to our animal lives and we will not carry anything to a show to pump and dump onto consumers. To me that hurts the consumer and also the industry. Currently we are working on a propagation method overseas to allow us to stop the collection process all together and only harvest propogated carpets. Our rate of success currently is above 75% but we are striving for greater than 90%. Our goal is to be the first in the industry to offer aquacultured news to the public. This is the first place I have ever made any mention of this but I feel that once we start receiving the nems and nail down the process scientifically we can share more of our experiences. This April I am returning to Indonesia to monitor progress and hopefully bring the first harvest home. That nem is going to be missed by our midnight clowns for sure. I am extremely happy that it went to a good home with someone who understands their care and special needs. If you ever have any questions or need assistance please reach out to us @unlimited color corals. Chris
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    Spent a wad of cash w/o even attending. Thanks to Adam and Greg for bringing it to my attention and a huge thank you to Eric from bringing it to BR
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    I'm going to go off topic and go with equipment regrets. Several of my DIY projects over the years have worked out great and saved money. Some ... not so much: DIY dual chamber acrylic cal reactor (It actually worked for over a year but was "challenging" to operate and it eventually busted seams) DIY media reactor (before vendors started using the term media reactor) using Lowes 4" PVC DIY Mag 5 mini closed loop (bawhaha .. just typing it makes me laugh) DIY sump return plumbing with 5 outlets in tank (what can I say .. I was a rookie with zero concept of head loss and pressure) and the epic fail(s) ... DIY chiller using freezer in the garage (tank plumbed to garage) DIY chiller using window unit AC coils submerged in ice chest full of water ... in the garage!!!!!!! Where did I find the time for all that madness?
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    Aptaisia Carpet Anemones Kirk M In that order.....
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    .... Sure does make the 55" tv seem small...
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    Here is a throwback sticker. My BRK pride and joy.
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    With all of the success we have had with Fragniappe, it was time to have a website that matched the quality of the event. Over the past couple of days I have worked towards accomplishing such. Hopefully it's been a successful endeavor as I have created an entirely new website for Fragniappe! I encourage each of you to visit the link below and then share your thoughts here within this thread. Thanks! http://www.fragniappe.com/ Also..... If you are like us and can't wait for next year.... Well then visiting the Fragniappe website frequently will let you know exactly how long the wait is until next year. Plus you may find some new and interesting information there over the next year!
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    We received this one in our staff inbox: "To all the wonderful Bayou Reefkeeping Crew, I just wanted to personally thank you all for putting on another great event. Your groups attentiveness is second to none and as a vendor it's an important part of this business. I so appreciate your help, kindness, and hospitality. Thank you for the dinner invite, it was very thoughtful and a hilariously enjoyable time was had! I am ready to return and look forward to seeing you next year! Patti Reef Deep Aquatics"
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    Thanks everyone! I've said it before and will say it again, you guys have a great club. Clubs like yours are valuable to the longevity of our hobby. I'm proud to be apart of BRK!
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    During Isaac I ended up losing everything. A couple days before the storm hit I had to move. Put everything, literally, in a big 55 gallon tote, and brought it to the new place. Storm was coming so I let it ride in the tub. Long story short, I ended up being stuck at work (mandatory 24/7 untill the parish sees otherwise) and the rbta decided to nuke everything before I could get it all back in the tank. I had finally aquired everything I ever wanted for my tank...and lost it all so for the last couple of years I didnt want to get back in the hobby and I sold almost everything except my biocube. Last night I finally put the tank and stand in the hosue and cleaned it up. Tomorrow I am going to de-rim it and remove all the chambers in the back, as well as drill it for an overflow. Plans are to run a 10 gallon sump with it, just to add a little more volume and have a space for a skimmer, heater, pumps, etc and keep the tank as clean looking as possible. Here is a little list of what I kept from the last tank that will be used in this one: BC29 Ecotech MP10 Titanium heater I-tech cone skimmer (might be too big for tank) Viper 150 watt MH light Couple of mj1200's This is going to be a LONG build. If all goes well the tank will get some water by saturday. Hopefully at some point next week I can get some sand in it and then add some rock. If it all goes according to plan I am going to wait till about the 6 month mark to add fish. Livestock wishlist: Pair of black ice snowflake clowns (daughter picked them out....couldnt outsmart her with plain black clowns) Green mandarin rbta Thats it for now, pics to come as I make progress.
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    Had 2 problems go down last week with some tank equipment. First was my Tunze skimmer, the drive came out in shipping and cracked all the pins on the wheel. Talked to Roger and had the part in 2 days.... Love it!!!!! Next my Hydra kit that I bought a few months back decided after a firmware upgrade to blow out the royal blue channel. AI had a new board and pucks shipped out the next day... Nothing out of pocket and handled very promptly... I wish all customer service would go this smoothly
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    How well did you like the Harbor Center venue? As mentioned with previous post it was a great venue but a little crowded. I did like how the center was not in a crowded area and could be located very easily. What did you think of the host city location? Slidell is a little drive for me but its not to bad because I could spend time with some family members their. What did you enjoy most about Fragniappe? Seeing how well this event was put on and being able to talk to all of the vendors. I have never been to any kind of event where they had vendors come in, so it was pretty cool to see where they all come from and learn what they have to offer. What did you not like about Fragniappe? Besides what others have mentioned; the PA system and how crowded it was, I would have to say the lack of sps that were brought in. Was there anything that you wish Bayou Reefkeeping would have had available but didn't? I really can't think of anything that wasn' covered by you all. What could Bayou Reefkeeping have done to make it a better experience? Besided giving me the RODI unit, nothing really. Will you be attending next year? Hell yea I will. Looking forward to next years event. Have any other comments, questions, or concerns? Great job to everyone who put on this event. It was very well organized and all of yall's hard work showed.
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    Bringing in well known vendors. WOW Sounds like an event I definitely won't miss.
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    Have you been wanting to support Bayou Reefkeeping but just haven't been able to afford the twenty dollars yet? Well, then this just might be the topic for you! I am willing to purchase a one year subscription for one of you and hopefully others here will follow suit. If you're looking to have a subscription purchased for you, then simply post here in this topic and tell us how Bayou Reefkeeping has been valuable enough to you to merit supporting the club. Merry Christmas All! EDIT: I decided to contact someone I had in mind. Alex (alto8345) recently returned to the hobby. He has had some struggles with his new setup though. I am happy to see him back in the hobby and I am proud to have gifted a one year subscription for him! So, the rest of you feel free to choose someone. Contact them first to make sure it is OK. Or, if you would rather staff pick someone then you can simply purchase a gift subscription now and let us know: http://www.bayoureefkeeping.com/store
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    I'm not eligable, but thought I'd chime in anyway. Sometimes pictures work better than words. Basically went from this: To this: Crappy phone pic, but you get it...BRK worked for me, Thanks BRK! lol
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    how about pulled pork? thats been my new food thing i've been smoking.
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    Well I really don't have the extra $$ right now due to some personal issues, but what I can do is post a couple of frags for sale and in turn give the profit to BRK if thats ok. I have a montipora setosa, pink lemonade acro, and a purple gomezi already fragged if someone is wanting to buy a piece. Just let me know.
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    I had a great 2018 Fragnaippe' haul! I ended up picking up some nice sps pieces that I've always been to chicken shat to try. What kills me is my son is at these shows with me helping out. Well this gives him plenty of time (like all day) to inspect every booth... He'll pull me to a booth and make me buy stuff. It's a dang shame! He did end up getting his first fish for his newly set up 26g tank. He went with a Flurry clown and a Near Naked clown. I think that's a pretty neat pairing... Hopefully... Both he and myself got a Dragonet Scooter for each of our tanks. He got a cleaner shrimp too. I picked up another Red Fromia starfish and a Matted Filefish for my tank. We each got a clam and a plate for our tanks, but his are in my tank for the time being until I know the addition of the fish in his tank doesn't cause I mini cycle in his tank. (The rock in his tank came out of mine and is 6yrs old, but hasn't had a bi-load on it for the past 6 months) Anywho, I picked up some nice rainbow acans, Rainbow millipora, Strawberry Shortcake acro, Red gonipora, Red setosa, Burnin' Banana Stylocenellia, Sunny D's, Emerald on Fire zoas, and some nice mushrooms and Ricordias. I did pick up another Rainbow style milli and a very very Blue acro from Mr. Rudy @Golden Basket Reef. He didn't have any exotic names on them which is fine with me! And I did win a 3 frag pack from Ark Aquatics inbtge raffle and got some nice encrusting style corals. I forgot the names. One is a red base with green mouths cyphastrea. Brayden won the very last raffle of the day: a new aquarium! We are officially Aquarium Poor around my house.... Lol
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    You could've called me to help. You know I'm light on my feet.
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    What I found most appealing about the Macna event was the sheer amount of beneficial information that the vendors were genuinely willing to offer. A majority of my time there was spent chatting it up with knowledgeable people who love the hobby as much as we do. BRK's commitment to this event really showed, whether that meant bringing in forum members requested vendors or guest speakers along with every locally owned business that wanted be part of something special.
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    Glad to see this one back up and running. I'm sure it will be as spectacular as it was before.
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    I'll be there to pick up that new Rodi unit and win the supporting member raffle too!!!
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    Gee, look what their reefs are lit by...
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    Unfortunately, due to the recent flooding I've lost everything including my 120 and 90 gallon reefs and most of my equipment (and my 4 year old Achilles tang...). I got 4 to 5 feet of water in my house and had no time to worry about the tanks when we evacuated. My house has been gutted and I've now begun the process of dealing with insurance and contractors for the rebuild... I haven't been very active in the forum lately, but aside from some major glass cleaning from time to time my reef tanks had been cruising along just fine and I have been keeping up with fellow club members via facebook or other means. I'll still stop by the forum sometimes and I hope to make it to MACNA, but I'm out of the hobby for now until I can put my life back together. Hopefully I'll get to do some Tiger tailgating with my fellow reefers this year! See you guys around for now, but you can bet your a$$ I'll be back!
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    Yea they were just real tired from going to the bathroom and eating all day.
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    Well everything made the transfer quite well! We stopped by tropical fish bowl in Lafayette the other day and she picked up two emerald crabs to beat the hair algae into submission! They are actually cleaning things up faster than I would have expected. She also picked up a nice pink/red brain with green eyes. She also just had to have a frag of the red cap. Everything was looking happy so I snapped a fts.
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    I'd put the glass cleaner in a ziplock bag then see if the sand has magnetic particles in it. Worse case is the particles will stick to the bag and not the actual glass cleaner. I'd imagine it'd be a pain to get the particles off the actual cleaner and could possibly ruin it.
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    This is going to be perfect timing for me. My tank will be 4 months old and ready to be stocked. Looking forward to meeting people in person from brk.
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    I will share with you all my solution to introducing corals. I never, ever, and did I say EVER, introduce a coral on a frag plug rock. In the case of SPS, I always frag the coral and glue the bare coral to my rock after dipping. To Richards point, the eggs are not normally laid on live coral tissue, but rather the dead tissue or rock/plug. This will resolve the AEFW and Monti Nudis. In the case of LPS, you dont see pests associated with them, so a dip usually works well. Just some thoughts. Bobby
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    I was too scared to even start coral tank and now bc of some pretty cool members I have 3 sps going and got the itch for more. I can honestly say BRK gave me the knowledge i needed and a place to go to when I needed help or just to learn something new from the other members.
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    Mag drives are not meant to be run external, no matter what one particular LFS may tell you. They are a submersible pond pump. The manufacture says you can run it submerged on in-line, but, my experience with having external mag drive pumps has been horrible. Noisy as hell and leaky. Buy a pan world or blue line pressure rated pump if you are going to go external. In particular, the volute (input of the pump) of a mag drive pump is very flimsy, and often cracks when you screw in a fitting to make it external. The other problem with using it external is that it is a totally water cooled pump. If it's not submerged, it does not cool properly/adequately. That's why mag drive pumps are such great heaters! The motor block is quite hot to the touch when run as an external. True external pumps have a fan built into the rear of them to keep them cooled.
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    Then I took a old 20 gallon sump and cut down the glass to make it shorter and painted it to go with the theme of the tank.