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    My little man loves the tank!
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    Good to know. I'm down for one, since the ones I have from the last time T-shirts were made have all gotten pretty worn out. Thanks for the effort, Aaron and Brandon.
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    Looks like there will be a lot of coral between the vendors and the club members attending this meet. Got my Building an Obsession containers in today for transport. Who else is planning on getting some nice pieces there? .
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    New lights came in! Illumagic Blaze x-180
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    While waiting to get the 90 gallon filled sometime next week, I figured I’d post a little about my other tank that has been up and running since January. I set this tank up originally with only LPS/Softies in mind. When I decided I wanted to build the 90 gallon along with maintain this tank and the 65 I began to put some SPS in it and if they did well I’d move them into the 90 gallon later on. This write up won’t be as detailed as the 90 gallon. More pictures than text. All frags came from Fragniappe, John at Aquahut and Aaron Lewis. Equipment used in this build 20 gallon IM Nuvo Drop off Panorama Jebao OW-10 powerhead Fluval E100 heater (first 2 months tank was ran using the hipargero aqua knight) AI Prime HD Filtration Dual Filter Socks Purigen Carbon GFO Denitrate Manual Dosing/feeding Fusion 2 daily Phytoplankton bi-weekly roti feast daily fuel daily flatworm x (purely for benefit I have zero pests in this tank) daily Coral frenzy bi-weekly Water change every Sunday Fish Black Ice Clown Frostbite Clown Red Spotted Dotty Back Coral list Fire and ice zoa Blueberry pie zoa Fruit loop zoa Radioactive dragon eye zoa Bam bam Zoas Gatorade Zoas Rasta Zoas Sunny D Zoas Pink ring of death Zoas Ultra red discosoma Marbled discosoma Orange rhodactis Neon green rhodactis Green and orange Yuma Neon green Alveopora Pink Goniopora Neon green cabbage leather Rainbow acan Green star polyp Neon green toadstool SPS Purple Stylophora Bubblegum Digitata Mystic sunset monti Teal Staghorn Green and Purple Milli Sunset Milli Ponape Birdsnest Pink Lemonade Rasberry Limeade Cornbread Purple Planet This tank began with 12lbs of dry rock and 6lbs of live rock plus a bag of Hawaiian black live sand, cycled using fritz turbo start 900 (this stuff is the real deal) Pictures will show this tanks progress from January 1st to April 13th. To date I haven’t lost any livestock or had any close calls. I did receive a brown raspberry limeade frag that is really coloring up. I’ll have to get a picture soon. 5B23C619-29B6-4056-8C1C-12AE0E55F3F4.MOV
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    Sheesh, I’m bad about updating this thread. Probably need to change the title at some point. I’ve not made any drastic changes to the system lately. The Chemiclean treatment still appears to be holding, a little cyano in the refugium but it hasn’t reappeared in the display as of yet. Got a Sea Hare last week and dropped it in the fuge and it’s working through the GHA in between munching on the chaeto... [emoji19] Guess I’ll pull some chaeto out to reserve so it doesn’t eat it all. Picked up a mess of turbo snails, (20 Mexican and 20 Astrea) at Fragniappe to help keep algae in check in fuge and frag tank. Frag tank is close to algae free now. Most went into the fuge. Got an Algae Blenny from Aqua Hut when John was running that special. He went into the frag tank for a couple of weeks, moved him to the display last weekend so I don’t need to feed the frag tank directly. Picked up a Royal Gramma from AH last week. We went into the display and promptly disappeared. Didn’t see it for nearly a week. Finally caught it darting around in one of the caves when I fed frozen. Seems to be doing well. The Naso is a pig and will attack the feeding ring with gusto. Time to increase how much food is dropped I guess. The Swallotail angel is doing well also. Out in the open a lot more and competing well with the Naso for pellets. Ordered screen tops from Clearview on 3/10. 3-4 week lead time, so hopefully I’ll have them first week of April, and I can start getting some wrasses and anthias. Last night, I continued mounting some frags that had been cooling in the frag tank for a while. Still have quite a few more. Also started removing some of the hardened chunks of sand using a (brand new and unused) cat litter scoop. Works well, just need one that’s a little thinner to get between some of the rock structure. Still got some places where it’s solidified around the base of some rocks. Going to see if I can use a length of 1/2” pvc to break it up before I get too many more frags in the tank. I’ve broken that dang green anacropora colony 3 times so far. I removed a good 5 pounds of solidified sand Here are a few shots of the display with all the lights on 100%. Here’s a shot of the frags I got at Fragniappe this year.
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    I’ve had a tank for about 7 years now but had gotten my setup from a friend of mine. I had a 40g breeder and a 20g tall but wanted just one tank to take care of for awhile. I moved into my new house and decided to build a new setup all on my own. I built the stand using 2x6 lumber and covered it unfinished solid oak flooring. I had to rip the boards thicknesses down on a table saw to save on some weight. I finished the oak with an ebony stain with a white interior. The wood working part took me awhile but was my favorite part of the build. I plumbed up the 30g sump and transferred my fish and rock from my 20g and 40g tanks. Everyone survived the move and are enjoying their new home. Time to start planning out my next build.
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    Off to a good start! I've never bit the bullet and bought an Apex period. I've been holding out forever for something even better, and I think if I'm reading the writing on the wall correctly I believe ecotech is taking the first steps in the right direction for what I'm looking for with their Mobius app. I'm hoping they release an entire line of reef equipment all wirelessly controllable online through the Mobius app making the Apex obsolete. We'll see what happens. The Apex is certainly a great controller though. I'd say if your old Apex system is working fine, maybe wait a bit longer, save up and see what comes out on the market.
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    I can bring them to Baton rouge from lafayette and meet during lunch if you guys need help @brambo to Jwatson
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    Ordered a new CO2 cylinder for my Ca reactor...
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    If you got new sand, transferred your rock somewhere else and put new rock in then yes it will affect your cycle. The bacteria will need time to colonize the rock and sand.
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    Had to restart the tank after some nuissance algae took over. Did a 3 week blackout along with dosing 100ml/day of peroxide. Here’s pictures 2 weeks since restarting the tank.
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    There's been a ton of changes over the past few months.... here's an updated FTS so to speak.
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    I have some gsp n Kenya I will donate to the cause
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    Thank you very much for the kind words if anybody else would like to deal with me I'll be more than happy to treat you with the same level of respect and generosity. I'm a hoarder so if I get rid of my stuff just know that it is definitely because I need help I don't like giving anything that I've grown and given husbandry to out... I'd rather watch it multiply.
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    Ditto on What Rdsrocket said...!!! VERY pleased with purchases with several freebies to boot...?? Act now before he shuts the SALE down...
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    i'll take one of each if you're in metairie/kenner on weekends
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    Meet is Sunday!!!!!!! Awesome door prizes and Free Food!!!!!!!
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    Great update Greg! Looks like they installed the same genny they installed for me. Definitely helps with your peace of mind while traveling and the like.
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    Dang, nice shack! I need a tank shack!
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    Maybe I can talk the wife into going to this one
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    So I got tired of being blinded by all the light spillover on my tank. So I built this canopy out of white PVC boards. Also built a light rack into the canopy. Matches the tank nicely. Thought I’d share with the rest of the community.
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    So I FINALLY made the move to a bigger tank. I was working with my 45G Shallow for a good minute and it treated me well. It has moved on over to the North Shore to hopefully treat it's new owner with the same results. Picked up this 120 secondhand with an internal overflow. Within a day of having it the overflow came out since I wanted to use up as much real estate as I can. Next thing was to take the stand and cleans things up a little. Before Trim and doors removed First attempt at an idea that went wrong with the help of a trim router that ran off and destroyed two of the panels in one quick slip... :( The final design. My pops was nice enough to let me raid his stockpile of reclaimed cypress (again). The lumber came out of some old fire doors that were in a warehouse they demolished years ago on Tchoupitoulas St in New Orleans. Unfinished side Finished In the house finally Instead of sealing off the holes where the internal overflow went I decided to go with a closed loop. Since the tank will require high flow, why not. I also purchased a 1/2" piece of HPDE to lay on the bottom to protect the glass. On the stand Next was the canopy. I decided with this build I would go with Halides, T5's and LEDs. lol, figured I couldn't go wrong, outside of frying my sticks. 2x 250w Radiums, 2x ReefBrite Supra Dual 48" T5s (Blue+/Coral+ in each fixture), 48" ReefBrite XHO, AI Prime HD for dusk/dawn viewing (all other lights are too bright when home in the afternoon = mega light spill). Suspended from the ceiling with 100# rated cables. Anchored in the attic (not from the sheetrock). Plumbing: First time doing a tank this size. I have to admit, I rushed it. Things came out crooked due to me not dry fitting everything first. Came out ok but I REALLY want to take it all down and redo it but it will have to do for now. Using a SICCE SDC 9 DC pump for the closed loop that I picked up used, has different modes like the Vectra's which is nice, WIFI controlled as well. Octo Varios 6 for the return, and Tunze 6105 for the inside. Originally was going to go with MP40's but the look of them on the tank killed it for me. Still not 100% decided on which pair I will use until the tank starts to see some sticks but for now I am leaning towards the Tunzes. Next was the scape. I used E-Marco-400 mortar to make this all happen. While slowly puting things together it never dawned on me that I was going to have to pick this up and put it in the tank verses building it IN the tank. That was a tense moment when the move happened. All kinds of things could have gone wrong, but in the end, all was good. and the final scape In the tank and filling her up And how she pretty much stands today, almost 2 months wet now. I'll post updates as times goes on. Anxious to get some SPS in there. -Will
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    Thanks to coral connection for letting us crash their shop and to all the vendors that came to make this event a great one. We had a great turn out for sure and hope to see everyone at the next event !
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    Here's a closeup of that. Notice the inside is a triangular shaped piece to not only protect but avoid a true 90 degree corner. Supposedly helps with flow when water hits the corner.
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    This is the first draft of my build. Time for a bit of back and forth to perfect.
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    A few things that are coming to the meet. .
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    I've spent several weeks in the LA heat after work and on weekends, but I've made some progress on bringing some life back into this shack. The good thing about building your own house means you have a lot of lumber left over. I replaced the floor joists and added some 16' 4x6 skids. Even added some 4x4 "joists" simply because I had them left over from building a fence. I could literally park a truck on this thing and it wouldn't move. I replaced the rotted studs. Replaced some of the plywood flooring and added another layer of subfloor. Ripped off the aluminum siding and replaced it with a good OSB coated and primed siding. You may notice that the old windows are gone and a new one has been placed in the end.
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    Tagging along for this build!
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    Just be ready to do a series of good cleanings and water changes a few days apart once its gone. Ive used reef flux to battle algae in my 13.5 and it worked, but all that dying algae will spike nutrients. once u scrub that stuff from the water with carbon etc, it will come back with a vengeance without the nutrient issue under control.
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    The reffbreeders high octane UV lumen bar came in today along with the icecap 3k gyre pump. Looks pretty good installed! Definitely mimics a traditional actinic bulb. The picture makes it look more blue but in person definitely closer to violet. Ready for the rocks to finish the curing process so I can fill it up and start the cycle.
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    I had my auto feeder right there on top of my ATO. It would drop pellets into the feeder ring area. When they sank they went into the return. When I took the picture I had it that way due to the surface build up within the ring from food. Working on a different idea to get food to go to the return as some pellets would float around and settle behind the return pump. Have all the parts for it just need to find the time to do it
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    Looking great! Hopefully I can make it to the crawfish boil so I can see this tank in person again.
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    So was the building of the pyramids.
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    Nice! Much quicker from getting it in the house to wet than my build...
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    I know you guys are pointing out facts and I believe you but who in the hell falls for this? $600 for a limited edition coral?? Really? So we got extinct species now or something?