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  1. Send me a pm with what your looking for.. Ill get you a quote if you would like.. We have cell cast and extruded acrylic in any size you want.
  2. Im about to build a 85ish gal acrylic tank... 36x28x20.. Out of 1/2 acrylic. I work for a plastic company and am able to get it at a good price. Just make sure you get your acrylic sheets trimmed and squared. Our cnc saw here holds a tolerance of .030 Hardest thing for a DIYer would be flame polishing.. Gluing is not bad, acrylic changes color when the glue is applied, so its pretty easy to make sure you glue the whole seam.. My advice to you.. Go to any plastic company close to you and ask them for scraps of acrylic. Every one of them have gaylords of scrap material. Go home and start messing with it..
  3. Man I used to work for a painter during the summers while I was in college. Oil base now days is only used outdoors, and still then very rarely. Your house is going to smell to high heaven for weeks if painted with oil base. My fiancé and I just repainted our kitchen with latex paint and that was a month ago and it still smells like paint in the house. Not sure how that oil base is going to affect your tank but I can promise, y'all will be catching buzzes a week or so after its all done And the only reason he probably is using oil base is so he can cover that wainscot in one coat as opposed to 2 coats with latex. As stoned said I would def not have oil base going on the inside of my house. Ive painted a ton of houses and that oil base gets you crazy lightheaded. And that was painting it outdoors.
  4. Thanks for the info. Only reason I was more set in bta was being such a small tank
  5. Thanks. Changed up the scape a little last night.
  6. Got this little nano setup and cycled a few weeks ago and decided to start a thread on it. Equipment: Custom Acrylic 20x20x12 Rimless tank Glassholes overflow 10g Sump Aquatic Life 115 skimmer(down the road, plan on getting a larger skimmer) Return Pump(forgot manufacturer) wp10 Full Spectrum LED fixture(soon to have Radion Pro over it) 50ml biopellets running in nano reactor Reefkeeper Lite Stocking List: Pair of ORA Black Saddleback Clowns (Currently in tank) very, very small Shrimp/Goby pair possibly a wrasse or two Corals: Keeping it simple Zoa gardens only on sandbed Sps only on rocks Rainbow bubble tip for clowns
  7. i had the tiniest bit of cyano when starting pellets.. i used microlube bacteria and within a few days my cyano was gone.. i do still have a little bit of green algae on a few spot of my overflows and back wall but each day it is getting less and less.. i read alot of threads with people using mb7 and having problems... i use ecobak pellets by warner marine and jon warner the founder told me he uses microlube... not sure y people using mb7 are having algae problems but there are a ton of threads out there about it... im not saying if you start using microlube your problems will go away but i have had good luck with that brand.. i have 750ml of ecobak pellets in an smr1 reactor with a maxi jett 1200 powering it
  8. def keep the tank up... but i will buy a couple acans in a couple weeks once i get my funds right.... i finally got all the equipment i wanted for the tank and now im slowing starting to add corals each week..
  9. thanks guys, slowly coming along.. heres a fts and the only coral i have a pic of..ill take some more tomorrow
  10. ... 2d6ed7.mp4
  11. ok so i got done with the beast.. heres some pics regular lumen output super lumen output, overdriving radium 20Ks one of the skimmers.. ballasts rock
  12. just got a house on dentation off highland...Joshlala, lives about 8 houses down from me..he said he could prolly help..mainly just stumped on how i wanna plumb it all
  13. should be done with the stand and canopy tomorrow.. monday moving into my new house and tuesday will be filling it up with water.. JT and Josh still prolly gonna need help plumbing, and a couple extra hands to move it and stuff, depending if my roommate is home.. Beers on me