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  1. Sorry to hear this. It always sucks when things go wrong. Sucks even worse when cannot find any inkling of a cause.
  2. Crashed a long time back and I never got it going to the fullest potential. It still sits there, dry and dusty. Maybe one day I will have interest in it again.
  3. I may try to come just to visit with folks as it has been a while. Certainly not buying anything since I have no tank set up.
  4. Glad we got to make it as well. Thank you Adam and Paige for hosting. It was enjoyable to get together with folks again.
  5. If you have a place away from the house(for odor obviously) you could dump it in a bucket, with some additional water and something to bubble it making in effect diluted waste, or compost tea from the skimmer gunk. This would also allow you to add to the bucket however often you have to clean the skimmer, and/or control the dilution rate to determine what is the best amount. Isn't this basically what fish emulsion fertilizers are anyway? I never researched that item previously.
  6. It was a 225, but thank you. I just wish I had found a way to keep it going when things got rough. so much work, so much beauty, so much LIFE.....gone. It saddens me b/c it was my responsibility and I failed the tank.
  7. Mine has always been time and money. When I had a decent reef going, I barely had any problems with any cyano, algae, or anything else. I sure miss those days. People would come and just stare while I fed half a ton and wondered how it could be with such minimal equipment and maintenance.
  8. I have only been to one in Atlanta but it was a heck of a lot of fun. You will not be disappointed if you are really enthused about this hobby. I am looking to find a way to be able to attend.
  9. Glad I was able to come out and visit with you all again. INCREDIBLE effort over the past few years to lead to this pint of hosting the biggest event for reefkeeping in the country. Well done. Hopefully I will be able to attend when that time arrives.
  10. Wow, I have been out for a while but I am stunned that this event did not come together. Usually a big one.
  11. I cannot give any pointers, however if you want some info, and are able to attend, the train show is at Ponchatoula First Baptist Church from 9-4. I just cook for the show. there are a lot of guys there who are model train hobbyists and a company called the Electric train depot will be there also. I think I meant bi-annual show? It occurs 2X per year and I cook breakfast and lunch for the show. Planning to get everything done and leave by 1. The wife can serve that food.
  12. dang dang dang. I am pretty sure this is the same weekend of my semi-annual train show I cook for. I may have to find a way to get out of there early this year.
  13. Pretty interesting stuff. After watching this one, of course since they mentioned the "man of war" being one of these type of creatures, I had to also watch that video. Isn't nature incredible? In the case of the PMOW, 4 distinct colonies all living and working together as 1 entity. For this one, who knows how many.
  14. I was the same way for a long time greg. If I did a water change once a year I was lucky. Twice was incredible. I had an under rated skimmer but did have the PO4 reactor and a refugium rolling. All I did was fill the top off with water and feed the tank. Once in a while I added some supplements. Everything was doing absolutely fantastic. I certainly long for those days again. Ever since things got tight on the budget and I stopped doing any repairs to broken equipment or anything, I have never enjoyed the tanks for the most part. Hands off and beautiful is the way to go if you can manage.
  15. austinaqua farms also usually has some very nice acans for fairly reasonable prices. Very nice set up, but watch your fingers for sure.
  16. Like mentioned Scott, your immune system is compromised right now. We all know there are tons of toxins, bacteria and such in the reef systems. These could wreak havoc on your body if you accidentally introduce something or get even a minute cut. I would either stay away or use even more caution if messing with the tank.
  17. Sorry, looks like we are NOT going to make it after all. Having a very bad day with my back. Hate to miss but hope you all have a great time.
  18. Jumping in both feet I see. Welcome back bro.
  19. Will the raffles be individual or one big group? I.E. can we place tickets into drawing for only specific items? thanks
  20. looks like we have the all clear to head out for the party. me plus 3
  21. I am not certain yet if we will be able to attend. I have something that morning, and I think the wife has a tupperware party to do that night.
  22. I have used a few. been a long time. I used old diver and reefgardener. Cannot recall the other couple I used.