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  1. Thanks so much! Looking forward to getting it stocked. .
  2. Touche'. Equipment cabinet still in progress.. 16 gallon custom acrylic ATO container.. Green fuzzy rock...stands about 14" tall My One Spot has taken a liking to the Welso.. Pic does the Rainbow nem. no justice....that thing POPS 2 more BTAs... Another crappy pic... Island #1... Island #2... As you can see, my Rabbit doesn't miss a meal... Sailfin.... Sorry about the poor quality pics. PhotoBucket destroys the sharpness.
  3. SURPRISE!!!!!! I know it's been waaaaaaay too long but life has a crazy way of rerouting things. Good news is, the DSA-200 is up and running strong. I've since added some new equipment like a custom acrylic ATO container, giving me about 17 days away from home before needing a refill, a new doser, a custom acrylic dosing container, also upgraded to the Vectra-L1 Return, along with some new livestock and corals. Hope all is doing well and I hope to be around much more for a while.
  4. ^^^^^ This, this right here.....we need more of it. ^^^^^
  5. Well, I couldn't help myself. Ammonia is 0 so it was time to go pick up my 1st residents. Diamond Goby Common Chromis
  6. What he said. Thanks so much, bro! Yea, I had a "roll up" type canopy on my 150 and decided to have a new one built with a piano hinge for that same reason. I really like this design.
  7. Thanks, Perry! Ewwwww that would suck. Those Radions pack a punch.
  8. Man, I'd give anything to be that diver! That's awesome!
  9. Thanks! No sir, lights are still in the fixed position.
  10. Well, I had some extra time to do work so I finished up the canopy and installed the light rack. The Radions installed flawlessly.
  11. So far so good, Grimm. Keeping my fingers crossed. If it starts acting up I'll add some zip-ties to pick it up just a bit. Thanks for checking on me.
  12. Yea, it's a 65 gal. sump and the overflow is no where half that. It's all good. In fact, I've already unplugged it and the sump didn't rise more than a couple inches.