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  1. Yea can only put it on outlet 1 or 4 I believe. DA won't fix that strip?
  2. Perfectly put. It has worked as it should since the day I installed. I got complacent on testing and it bit me in the butt.
  3. Another Kalk disaster story. My reefkeeper controls my ATO. I had two float switches installed. The lower one controlled the water level on/off. The second one right above was a safety off if triggered. Chances of both failing I would have considered non existent. Wrong!!! I mixed up 4 gallons Monday night and woke up Tuesday Morning to find my ato empty and tank completely white. Luckily I had about twenty gallons of saltwater mixed so I did a large water change and then mixed up another twenty gallons and did another one 3 hours later. Needless to say, both float switches are in the garbage and I will be adding more in series to prevent further problems. I have a dosing pump that I bought from a fellow member so I think it is certainly time to hook that up which I should have done a long time ago. So anyone running Kalk, make sure you check, clean and recheck you switches. I know this is a pretty common disaster and can wipe out a tank. I learned that you can run these in series with each other for added safety. If you are running kalk and only have 1-2 switches, you really should consider adding more if able. You can run as many as you want in series. On a good note, All livestock appears to be doing OK atm. Hopefully it will stay that way. Sorry for the lengthy post but though it was worth mentioning.
  4. Wow! Really something to think about being I work outside driving boats and sunscreen is usually a daily routine in the summer. May be time to invest in some long gloves. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Special thanks to Seaweed. My favorite coral in that tank
  6. Thanks. I'll mod my set up to be able to cover it
  7. I use a brute trash can for mixing saltwater with a pump and heater. My current set up with pipes and valves for circulation or filling doesn't allow me to cover it. I am thinking maybe that is the problem. I mixed about 30 gallons for a water change about 2 weeks ago and only used 20. The left over 10 I figured I would leave circulating and use it later. I looked at it a few days ago and the water is brown. Any ideas on what could be happening? Bad salt, not enough circulation, not covered, etc.? Naturally, I will not be using the water and will clean the can. Is it possible that these cans just get fouled over time and need replacing? Should I modify the setup so I can cover it?
  8. I have been in this hobby about 2 years now and for me the most rewarding things are figuring out problems and fixing them and then seeing how your livestock reacts to the changes. I am always battling nitrates but with more knowledge, I am slowing starting to beat them. The other best thing is getting to meet fellow reefers and the loads of information that can be exchanged. I have learned so much about this hobby and to me, that is the most rewarding part of it.
  9. So far, I really like it. Really easy to read. Only two reagents and 5 minute wait time. Thing I really like about it is that even though it says to wait 5 minutes, after about 30 seconds the color really doesn't change. So far, I would recommend it. Will certainly keep you updated on that one. If I'm over that way, I'll get in touch with you and you can try it yourself if you'd like
  10. Let the fun begin. I decided to try out the Nyos nitrate kit. It came in Saturday so I tested my tank 10ppm. Just out of curiosity I decided to test my storage tank and got around 20ppm WTH. I have been pretty much keeping water mixed in this tank which is a brute container. I use what I need out of it and then mix up more. This batch is probably about 2 weeks old but has been circulating constantly. I checked my RO storage water and 0 nitrates. Obviously I'll be dumping this whole batch of SW but I am trying to figure out how nitrates got in there in the first place and why so high. I am using Kents reef salt. Water coming out of RO unit is 0-1 TDS. Water in RO storage tank is 5-7 TDS. It has been a little while since I cleaned out my storage container but the way I understood it you really shouldn't have to often. Did I just keep water in it too long?
  11. +1 on Jabao and Black box led's. ATI t-5's would be nice also.
  12. I just did all of this a couple months ago. Let me know if you need any help.
  13. Yea, had a cpr bak pak. Now is pro clear aquatics 75 which was smaller than what I wanted but seems to be doing a very good job. It's even small enough that if I have to, I could fit another one in there and run two.