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  1. I have plenty. If your ever in the Kenner area
  2. sometimes the credit card trick or slightly pushing/ rubbing with your finger works, but sometimes they do retreat into the rock crevice more. An ice cube to the foot works sometimes.
  3. looks about right but, I think the last Defer will over ride the first Defer. You might want to test that out.
  4. It's not that hard. what ever you have your sump pump outlet named, use that in the commands. Here is an example of my commands: my sump pump outlet is named "Return" I have a flood sensor on the floor and in the sump area, and if I do a water change the "Maint." outlet turns all pumps off. Fallback OFF Set ON If Outlet Retrun = OFF Then OFF if Outlet Flood = ON Then OFF If Outlet Maint. = ON Then OFF Hope this helps
  5. What not to do when setting up a new aquarium. Kinda long video. To sum it up. Make sure your tank is level before you fill it with over 1600 pounds of water. Skip to around the 10 minute mark and see
  6. That is one thing I love about my Apex unit. It has a wet floor sensor and will shut off all the pumps and send me a text and email alarm. I have two wet floor sensors. one in the stand and one on the floor outside the stand.
  7. The goby is a thief
  8. youtube wont work for me, photobucket wont work for me. trying instagram
  9. He comes out more when just the moon lights are on.
  10. He is finally settled in and took his first feeding after nearly 30 days. http:// Peeking out behind the rock http://
  11. Clown trigger, Picasso trigger, Blue throat pair, crosshatch trigger, Undulated trigger and big Angels, Imperator, Blue Line, Majestic, Annularis, Blue face, Poma Blue box fish , black box Fish