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  1. 1 hour ago, 110reef said:

    If you are reading ammonia, then do not put livestock in the tank. Ammonia should always be zero. If not, your tank has not cycled. The last thing you need is a big waste producing fish like a tang at this point!

     oh yeah, i didnt plan on it. i was just wondering which would come first, the ammonia dropping or my lfs being able to get a small kole tang. 

  2. 1 hour ago, saltyfish808 said:

    Yeah man, I buy the bulk di 2 bags at a time. I have a double stack ro membrane and it seems to burn through my di quickly. I get  0 tds for about 100 gallons and then I need to change it.

    i got 64 gallons and i have to change it... somethings not right or my water just sucks 


  3. 34 minutes ago, saltyfish808 said:

    Ever get the ro/di straightened out?

    i got it down to 2ppms out, i tested ammonia and phos and its all 0. i might check nitrates. i ordered a diff carbon filter and 7lbs of DI and a refillable DI cartridge. got those for $16 with reward points lol 

  4. Man that’s a sweet setup. I believe Red Sea has always made the best package deal for sure. Can’t wait to see this thing grow out. Don’t hesitate if you have any questions or need any help with anything. We are all here to help.

    I'm going to let it cycle for 4 months before I add any fish or corals.
    Yeah it was either Red Sea or Waterbox, but I'm really happy with this setup tho I can't run a manifold for reactors but I'll figure something out.

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  5. Yeah. You’ll be blinded. After hearing my wife complain about it a million times I finally surrendered. And mines are run only at 30%.
    My stand is white inside and out. Not sure about the black stands. 
    Xr30 Pros Gen 4?

    See I knew I was going to need another one [emoji1787].
    Time to sweet talk the wife

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  6. It's very nice! I might have to do that when my 250 comes in. Have a Radion XR15w pro for it (tho I need 2) I'm afraid I'm going to be blinded even with it at 50%



    On a side note did the stand come with one side white and the other black?

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  7. Glad you got the ReefLink figured out.  I had more trouble getting my Vortecs to link to mine than the lights.  Mostly because I had been running them via my Apex WXM module prior to getting the ReefLink with the lights.
    As for the Auto Shut off on the RODI, I can't really help much there.  I use swing arm floats for my shut off inside my water containers, have worked flawlessly for years. 
    Are you running the RODI straight to your sump or something like that? 
    I was going to run it to the sump but the tank won't fit in the spot where the old fridge was lol.

    This the 4 way valve on the unit its self

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