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  1. Well I tore my entire tank apart last night, I soaked zoas and live rock in peroxide saltwater mixture. And did a 50% water change. I ordered some Kent tech-M, a salifert alkalinity test, and some alkalinity raising stuff. Hopefully I'll knock the bryopsis out Bc last night I was tempted to sell everything and take the tank down.
  2. yep its bryopsis. I got a good close look at it last night. Anyone know where I can get some Kent tech-m around here? I've called everyone on the northshore and no one has it. Guess I'll have to order it. Anyone ever heard of killing it with peroxide? I stumbled on a forum talking about shooting peroxide with a syringe directly on the bryopsis to kill it. Thoughts?
  3. I was dosing reef fusion 1 & 2, and magnesium desperately, I thought that would be okay
  4. So I just tested my alkalinity using a nutrafin test (I got it from Aqua hut a while back) and the results are 80. Incredibly low for what the test says the standard should be. Stupid question; please don't judge me lol, how do I safely raise the alkalinity to where it is supposed to be? I had been told to add ph buffer to raise the ph and alkalinity would go up, is that true?
  5. here's a few more pics I was able to take this morning. The outbreak is getting worse and I'm about to start pulling out rocks and scrubbing them ugh
  6. I have maybe 5 hermit crabs left and 10 snails, not including the nassarius snails.
  7. I have maybe 5 hermit crabs left and 10 snails, not including the nassarius snails.
  8. Jrod I live near mandeville and can get you a water sample if you could test it for me, that would be great. However if it is bryopsis that would explain why the phosban reactor or any other phosphate lowering chemicals/ products I've used are not working
  9. This is the best pic I could get this morning. It was too early to turn the lights on before I left for work. On the top right of the pic you can kinda see the fan looking stuff I was talking about. I did some reading on bryopsis last night and was ready to go buy some Kent tech-m ?
  10. I'll try and get a picture of it in the morning and post it. How do I bring up the magnesium if I'm already dosing 2 times a week? A better product suggestion would be great. I use Fluvals mag supplement. And I do have a few inverts, snails and hermit crabs and a Pom Pom crab. Will high mg kill them?
  11. I've been fighting hair algae off and on for over a year now and it just keeps coming back. I have a 55 gallon reef tank that's been up for over 2 years now. I thought I was getting it under control but I did a 10 gallon water change on Sunday and then I noticed a hair algae explosion last night. It was a different looking type of hair algae this time too, looks feathery instead of stringy. I use a phosban reactor and have tried gfo, phosguard and now trying phosban in it. I have a 10 gallon homemade sump(it's the biggest size sump I could fit under my stand) and a Fluval 406 canister filter for filtration. What could have caused the bloom? I cleaned the sand when I did the wc could that have done it? Did I stir something up? The only other things that could be the culprit; I used the Petco premixed water( maybe it contains phosphates???) And I had been accidentally dosing magnesium every other day for a week instead of calcium (the bottles look just alike, WHOOPS lol) I also dose fuel 2x a week as well and doses with it Sunday night. Here are my parameters: (I use api test kit Bc I'm poor lol. ) salinity 1.025 nitrates 0 nitrites 0 phosphates 0 PH is a little low at 7.4 magnesium 1270 salifert test kit calcium 400 alk (I'll test in a minute and update this) I have nassarius (spelling?) snails, sand sifting star to clean the sand and I've tried sea hares to eat the ha but they always die within a few days of putting them in. I'm going to do another water change today and mix my own water to use. Any suggestions, ideas, etc????
  12. I just heard there's a new fish store opening up on hwy 59 in mandeville; Nola Aquatics. anyone know anything about it? Like when it may be opening up? I passed by the location last night and the sign looks pretty nice
  13. Hey guys, the cut where the nem stung me still hasn't healed. It's worse. It is itching swollen and oozing clear fluid. Anyone have any suggestions as to what I should put on it? What will dry it up?