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  1. Thanks! Kirk_M: The orange one (Swiftia exserta) is not photosynthetic. I put that one in the front so that I can easily target feed it. From what I have heard it is a difficult gorg to keep long term but I still get great poly extension and have not seen any tissue recession yet so fingers crossed.
  2. Have not been on the forum for a while but I have been in the hobby since 2012. This is my Fluval Evo 13.5 gallon nano tank that I currently have in my apartment. The tank is about 6 months old. It previously housed my seahorse pair (lost one to a parasite and the other to an AC issue at my appartment) and will house another pair soon after running without fish for at least 2 months. Most livestock is either from my LFS or KP aquatics; Stocking includes: Inverts: 2 porcelain carbs snails blue leg hermits feather duster 2 large sponges Harequin Serpent Star Corals: 12 species of gorgs Red Zoa's Blue Mushroom Purple Mushroom Ricordia mushrooms (blue, orange, green, rainbow and yellow) Hairy Mushroom Macro: Red macroalgea Chaetomrpha I do weekly (sometimes biweekly) 5 gallon water changes. I dose Vibrance once a week and it works great at keeping the algae off the glass. I target feed Polylab and coral frenzy 2-3 times a week. The back houses a heater, return pump, sponge filter, carbon, and I use the first chamber to grow macroalgea. The Cheato in it grows like crazy and works as a decent filter floss (I wash the detritus out when I do water changes). Pics included (crappy iPhone camera... I will take better ones soon). I may add another ORA seahorse pair next month. Ive included a pic of my old pair here as well... note: their death was not due to improper husbandry. I target fed them by pipette daily. They were fat, happy, and spawning regularly. The parasite made it in on a clownfish despite a 2 week quarantine I'd say its not a bad setup for a college reefer. Let me know what y'all think or if y'all have any questions -Ryan
  3. I have a stand that I used with mine for sale! PM me if you are interested
  4. I figured it was about time I make a thread for my tank. This is my 75 gallon reef set up july of 2012. It got a slow start as my budget was limited and two years later it is still a work in progress but in the last six months I have added a few SPS corals and enjoy my tank much more as a result. A bit about my system: Equipment LIghting: two Ai Hydras controlled by wireless controller, mounted on DIY aluminum rail system aquaeuroUSA chiller Custom DIY canopy 2 750 gph Hydor Koralias 1 tunze 6045 powerhead 80 pounds BRS reef saver rock (and a few pounds of live rock used to seed) 20 gallon long sump with DIY plastic baffles Reef octopus skimmer jager heater 2 two little fishies phosban reactors. 1 running 1.5 cups BRS ROX carbon and the other running 1.5 cups BRS GFO. both changed monthly. refugium with Chaeto lit by 6500K led bulb Lifeguard aquatics return pump Bubble magus dosing pump dosing Reef Fusion Calcium and Alkalinity Livestock: 1 yellow tang 1 black ocellaris clown 1 regular ocellaris clown 1 red firefish 4 lyre tail anthias 1 male, 3 females 1 sixline wrasse 1 red mandarin 1 cleaner shrimp 1 blood red fire shrimp 2 serpent stars various hermits, snails, cleaners ect Corals: green button polyps red and blue mushrooms favia 2 green trumpets 1 brown and green trumpet 1 green hammer 1 teal hammer duncan encrusting red montipora encrusting purple montipora orange plating monti ORA Joe the coral Fuzzy green acro pink tabling acro purple pyrite yellow digi incredible Hulk monti highlighter acro mint pavona Brair patch Oregon Tort (almost all stn ) Cali tort (saved a peice from stn) Tricolor Small Pink lemonade Always looking for more sps to add but due to a recent fender bender i am beyond broke and sps don't come cheap. Also i cannot work during the school year and keep straight A's (highschool senior) so my income is VERY sad but i still love my tank and how far it has come in the past 2 years. Always looking for advice and comments. Thanks for reading and enjoy my crappy iphone photos! And some older less crappy iphone pics Let me know what you think!