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  1. The MP40, dosing pump and Hanna Checkers are now sold.
  2. Hi Everyone - we are getting out of the hobby and have our setup and equipment available for sale. 120 Gallon Reef Ready tank with stand and canopy - SOLD 2 Radions XR30W MP40WQD - SOLD Reef Octopus 110-INT Classic Skimmer Trigger Systems Crystal Sump - SOLD Hydor Seltz D 2400-gph Pump Bubble Magnus Dosing Pump - SOLD Tunze Osmolator 3155 Hanna Checkers - SOLD
  3. This is our first time to an event of this type and we had a good time. Also spent more than I wanted but happy with what we got. Here is a picture of our haul on our new mag rack (thanks to BRK). Hopefully the picture will show up as I'm not too sure I'm doing this right Also, great to meet you Kim and thanks Adam for bringing the mag rack.
  4. YES!!!! Just what I needed as an excuse to buy more frags! Thank you!
  5. It was very nice to meet some of you and get great advise. Made out with 3 sps and an acan . Thanks GrimmReefer for being friendly and making my husband and I feel welcome! Hope y'all liked the cake pops.