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  1. dylan29

    LF 40 breeder

    Looking for a 40 breeder around the NO area
  2. Pretty much done! Probably going to add a few more critters.
  3. Thanks! And no I'm not a really good detailed painter lol I like the natural look of the coral. But I was going to coat them in clear epoxy to protect them.
  4. Hello all, About a month back I was asking for dead coral colonies to build a lamp base for my son's nursery. I got a tip to go to ricks reef and scored these bad boys. Then I found this lamp table at a thrift store. Which I immediately started playing around with coral setup. Then I took the lamp apart and started painting. Then I made a cement rock base and cemented corrals to it. And I coated the rock in pvc glue followed by purple primer. Next on my list is to coat the table with sand and epoxy resin. Then I'm going to buy realistic life size models of clownfish, hermit crabs, horseshoe crab and some seahorses.
  5. Hah yea me too and then I finnaly gave in because I had $10 off with the rewards card they have
  6. Update! New rock scape and the phosphates in the rock are almost gone!
  7. Tank update! Dry rock is still curing. I'm trying to speed up the process with lanthanum chloride as there is an exceptional amount of phosphates. Also I'm just about done the stand. Just need to make a door for the sump side.
  8. Well since its a solid piece it acts like a bare bottom so you can bump up the flow more, without having a sand storm, so most alage won't really be able to cling to it very well exept for maybe coraline. But I'm not really sure as this is my first faux sandbed. There seems to be a lot of people on various forums who don't get algae growth on there's but some do. I guess it just depends on how well you stick to your maintenance schedule.
  9. Yes I got the idea from other forms and they pretty much all recommend this brand in particular.
  10. The whole purpose of the faux sand bed is to have the ease of a bare bottom but still have the astheics of a sandbed. I made it removable so that it would not be permanently attached to the tank. But I am making both the rock and sand bed both 2 whole seperate pieces so I can take them out once in a while for detrius removal with my handy wet vac if needed. But it will most definitely not be on the regular maintenance schedule.
  11. So I went ahead and just finished up the faux sand bed using famowood epoxy from Lowes and Carib sea agronite sand. Just waiting for it to cure now! I used extra polcarbonate sheeting I had laying around to make the molds and covered them in wax paper so that epoxy wont attach to the polycarbonate and I can remove it after it cures.