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  1. I have upto 5 gen 2's used for 450.00 each if interested? I'm in Gonzales Fred text 225-333-8321
  2. I've had many many fish die and never had any float.... they always went to the bottom. Question... is that a clue as to it may being flukes? or is that a clue at all? learning, -=Fred=-
  3. I have a 20 long that is partially baffled if you're interested make me an offer I'm in Gonzales -=Fred=- 225-333-8321
  4. Radions all the way. Talk to john at Aqua hut. He'll dial you in. Or just go buy his store. 100% radion. Awsome I'm running radions over 5 tanks! Good luck Fred
  5. I have a RW-15 for $85 bucks in the box if anyone needs it Fred text 225-333-8321
  6. 6 MONTHS TO A YEAR AGO https://www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&rlz=1C1AVSE_enUS450US450&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#safe=off&q=ai%20and%20ecotech%20join%20forces As a sidebar... I am NOT surprised that AI is taking care of you on this... as I stated they have given me nothing but stellar customer service! -=Fred=-
  7. I've had nothing but GREAT customer service from AI and I hope you get the same! I have since switched to ecotech but now they are the same company... LOL -=Fred=-
  8. I believe the old one is a hydra and the new one is a hydra 52 if you want the old style watch this site they sometime list em for a good price http://shop.aquaillumination.com/collections/refurbished
  9. Curious about the color of the glass/acrylic? is it shaded or dark or does it just look that way in the pics? Sure would like to be invited the viewing party... LOL -=Fred=-
  10. are you mounting horizontal or vertical? the lights screw directly onto the rails when mounting vertical... the rail system does not offer an option for a horizontal mount... so another words on a 48" rail kit you get 2 rails and 2 plastic end pieces... the legas are extra and they don't raise the lights the recommended height above the water level too. the lights have 2 screws projecting from the heat sink... those screw heads slide into the grooves in the rails... I know it sux [ ] [ ] ================================================= [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] ================================================= [ ] [ ] If I can help feel free to text me cause I ended up building custom mounts really cheap... -=Fred=- 225-333-8321
  11. Perhaps a fish went carpet surfing and you just haven't located it yet?
  12. Online order from Petco during free shipping Caribsea Argonite $5.39 for 10 pounds and it comes to your door Cut the top 2 corners of the bag and stick in a hose and rinse til clear My favorite sand... they have powdery sand too
  13. what dilusion rate and time are you dipping at?