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  1. Do you have any of the reactors still available?
  2. reefdave

    ISO 48” led

    Looking for a 48” led for soft corals. David
  3. What 48” light do you have?
  4. reefdave

    Base rock

    Lots of dry base rock for sale, 2 dollars per pound David
  5. reefdave

    Please close

    Cleaning off the rack, I have the following frags for sale or trade for other SPS. 4- Purple Stylo 20.00 2-Brown Monti digitata 20.00 2-ORA Frogskin 30.00 2 Spongodes 20.00 1 red cap 10.00
  6. reefdave

    Please close

    Clownfish for sale 30.00 or trade for SPS coral. About 2.5”
  7. Found one, please close
  8. Anyone have one of these?
  9. AC-10 Acro- Cal reactor, new in box. ( up to 75 gallons aquarium) $65.00
  10. reefdave

    Please close

    Looking for just the base unit (brains) for an apex classic. Mine is on the way out and need a backup. David
  11. reefdave

    Please close

    Setting up a calcium reactor and need a tank and regulator. David