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  1. reefdave

    Please close

    Looking for just the base unit (brains) for an apex classic. Mine is on the way out and need a backup. David
  2. reefdave

    Please close

    Setting up a calcium reactor and need a tank and regulator. David
  3. reefdave

    Angels SOLD

    Selling a queen and French angel. Both were raised together so they are BFFs. They are about 6” but will get a lot bigger. They eat everything from flake to frozen. They were in a tank with soft corals and never picked. I’m switching over to sps and need to rehome them. $200 each
  4. Looking for a calcium reactor.
  5. reefdave

    please close

    I purchased this new.
  6. reefdave

    please close

    Radion, diffuser and arm. Used but in perfect shape. $300
  7. reefdave

    Free birdsnest

    I’m in. Let me know a time.
  8. reefdave

    Free chaeto

    Free chaeto in madisonville. David
  9. reefdave

    Free birdsnest

    Put me down for a piece,
  10. reefdave

    Free cheato

    Brought it all to the meet, check back next month. I always have plenty
  11. reefdave

    Free cheato

    Free cheato in Madisonville.