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  1. Have a show size maze brain coral for sale. It is 8 inches maybe a little more wide and 5 inches tall. Definitely at least as big as a cabbage if not a little more. I tried my best to eye it up with a measuring tape outside the I have been growing it for over 5yrs from a small frag. It was on the sand bed for about 4 yrs so that's how it originally had its round development but I placed it on this shelf rock about a 1 yr or so ago and its encrusted mostly since then. Will be sold on that 12 inch shelf rock. $150.
  2. Saw this and remembered to go on ahead and send the payment. I appreciate the staffs hard work on this forum. I greatly enjoy coming on the website.
  3. Going to send it in soon. I enjoy the website and appreciate everything done by BRK. Hopefully can meet up with everyone on the next club meeting that is available. Thanks, Dawn