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  1. jerad.david


    I could use some for the office tank I set up.
  2. I’m headed that way today. Would you be available if I want to buy?
  3. I have some large leathers I’d trade for the xenia. And I’m headed your way this afternoon. Just let me know.
  4. Does it run quiet? I set up a 20 at my office with a CPR Bakpak and it is loud as all get out. I need something that won’t disturb the office.
  5. I can easily have the file ready to go if y'all did want it on the shirts.
  6. Now, I'm not saying I don't want to win!! Ha Ha I just like to see everyone get a little creative!
  7. Thanks for all of the kind words, everyone. But I agree with Greg... this isn't a one-man competition. Hopefully my submissions sparks some creativity in all of you, and you submit your own designs.
  8. It is certainly possible, but I think you will have way too much going on visually. The coral in the background is there to add just that... a background. The main focus should be on the name. If you include too many graphic elements, the logo will be extremely difficult to read.
  9. Let me know if this is more what you all had in mind. Thanks for all of your input.
  10. Here is a little modification to what I previously posted. I changed the color scheme to blue/gray and used the font from the octopus logo. Let me know your thoughts on this version.