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  1. What color is the frogs pan and octospan?
  2. Vu337

    Bella goby

    Anyone interested in a Bella goby? He’s making too much mess on my sand bed. I brought it for $80 so asking the same amount.
  3. Vu337

    livestock for sale

    No more Xenia, what kind of zoas u looking for?
  4. red sea tang about 10 inches (show size) very fat $120 six line wrasse $15 red spotted hawkfish $20 breeding pair of clownfish(lay eggs every week) $60 one clownfish $15 big leathers price depending on size starting from $20 pulsating xenia alot starting at $5 mushroom rock depends on rock starting at $50 has rainbow rhodatis and superman live rock big rocks to smaller ones $3 a lb maybe more but thats all i can think of right now pm so i can send pics, if you live around the lafayette area then just come by
  5. Thanks for the invite but sorry my oldest son birthday party.