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  1. arab


    I messaged u . Check pm
  2. Nice build ! I Haven’t Been on the site in a few years . Good luck with the fresh start and the reboot.
  3. I Haven’t been on the forum in a while . This is a Sweet build ! Awesome work
  4. Nice ! Following along .
  5. arab

    Pinktail trigger

    If u ever in br I'll take him .
  6. arab

    Office tank

    Brown jelly. Temp rise . Sucks a lot of nice corals
  7. arab

    Office tank

    Yes I do!! Love the movement
  8. where? I don't want to take them and no one wants to buy them
  9. arab

    Office tank

    live sand, live rock and that ocean ready water. No problems I did 1 water change so far. Stuff looks more happy in my nano then it did in my 90 cube
  10. I been bring corals from my house to my office. I'm going to be selling some stuff soon! That won't fit in my nano..
  11. arab

    Office tank

    No I wear depends! Lol so I'm always "thinking". of course I do!!
  12. arab

    Office tank

    I'm the one doing the promoting !! It's a pretty big bathroom I have 2 so I turned it in to a office. I got it pretty deck out now. Flat screen with my camera system , desk , filling cabinets and a pretty dope rug and etc. what's the prize I get? Lol