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  1. Wow. Nvm. I was looking for something I can practice fragging
  2. North arnoult off veterans. Golden city?
  3. I've checked out his place before. Has decent selection. Good prices. Pop by if you are in the area
  4. PA has a new tank that also has starfire glass. Reef savvy is awesome but 9 month wait? Might as well get the elos already
  5. Aquatic sea life is nearby as well
  6. One small air stone should be enough. The major issue with power outages is gas exchange,which occurs by surface agitation. The big consumers of oxygen will be your more active fish like wrasses. But corals generally fair week until heat begins to rise. Lots of people leave for hurricanes with little more than am air stone running. I had to leave for nearly 2 weeks once and returned to hear the bubbling and had minimal losses. I think you will be okay. But if not, you have our assistance
  7. Not sure how far, but I believe some of our vendors are from there. Check out ocean Avenue and elos aqua studios.
  8. Halides do generate a substantial amount of heat. And while they do produce great colors, I dont think they could recreate the colors a good vho or t5 combo would. I would imagine the best setup would be an led/t5. If I had the room/canopy I would have added some t5 long ago
  9. Sunburst anthias and acro frags from aqua hut. Next is a clean up crew for some hair algae