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  1. Yes. Send a PM if you would like one.
  2. Prices have to be clearly listed in for sale posts.
  3. kirk_m


    Prices have to be posted in "for sale" posts.
  4. Sunset montipora frags. 1” x 1” squares, $30. Located in Lacombe. No holds.
  5. Sponge...pineapple as stated before. Good indicator of your tank maturing.
  6. 4 hours of printing, and reorganization of the dry box compartment of my stand has begun...
  7. I've got hood though, as I have always done open top. Stand, tank, sump (just the sump, no pumps or skimmer). See below:
  8. WOW! Steve, you've got some MAD skills...makes me feel like a total amateur. What are armored seams ( you mentioned this in tank specs)?
  9. I recently purchased a 3D printer (for other purposes), and have now started using it to print much needed parts for the reef keeping hobby. First thing on my list is to print mounting brackets for all those DC power transformers for my various power heads, starting with this one...
  10. $400 if you pick it up THIS SATURDAY before 2PM.
  11. Can never have too much of a seal when mixing water and wood