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  1. What is everyone using as their substrate these days? I am considering taking out all of my existing sandbed in my 120, as it looks like hell and is probably contributing to my continuing algae problems, as it is nearly 7 years old, and sandsifters really don't have access to most of it because it's covered with coral colonies. I hear a lot of talk about Tropic Eden sands, but, which should I use (grain size)? If you are using TE, which grain size are you using? Thanks for any input... -Kirk
  2. True, but those look much more expanded in tour tank then they did in mine.
  3. Purple's looking happy in his new home Sorry to hear about your naked was a cute little fish. How about a closeup of the blue mushrooms? I was wanting to see how they look in your tank as opposed to mine.
  4. Only time will tell. You can put a biocube skimmer in the filter compartment, but then the lid won't fit. I have changed the water change routine. Every other WC will be with freshly made saltwater. I am also probably going to take out the foam block, carbon, and biomedia and replace it with some chaeto or some caulerpa and miracle mud or the like. Anyone have some to spare for a 2 gallon tank
  5. Today's update...I can't get the white balance right with LEDs, even shooting raw and trying to correct in lightroom. It still looks purple. Added a sexy shrimp, a few frags from my 120, and a quarter sized red fromia starfish.
  6. JT's right... using nothing but Mag Chlor is going to increase your salinity/specific gravity.
  7. JT, you're always such a killjoy, LOL... :banana-dreads: but, you are probably right. I also seem to remember a thread on RC a few years back in which the Vortech's heat crazed the acrylic on someone's tank. I wonder if that would be an issue too.
  8. My dad just called me about this today, didn't know it was already posted on the site, Coff...sorry for double post.
  9. ... 96204.html The bacterium in question is Mycobacterium Marinum, and it's not just in fresh water systems. Another reason why you shouldn't handle corals barehanded. Even though it's rare, it's devastating, and, it's the aquarium industry's "dirty little secret."
  10. Now, YOU are the master
  11. Looking really nice, Joe! I see who I am going to ask for a piece of that raspberry from now What I find neat about your tank is how EVERYTHING grows UPWARDS, from a stalk, it seems...never seen that before. That green birdsnest has a totally different growth form than it did in my tank (if indeed you got that from me), as does the highlighter green acro.
  12. Would love to, but, it seems that once again, I am banned from RC. Obviously, when I posted that 400G tank for sale there, the guy who kicked us all out a year or so ago came over to LARC and found the same item for sale there.
  13. Todd, I was thinking the exact same thing when I read that, but, I refrained
  14. This wasn't directed at MCG, even though MCG does sell them for that much, as I have also seen them for $90 a polyp at Cherry Corals and a few others over the last few months. It's more of a general statement, towards all vendors and even fellow hobbyists. I may buy a nice coral, but, if I should sell a frag of it, I never sell it for more than I purchased it for, unless it has become colony sized by the time I sell it. The guy I got it from used to ship too, and, he only charged $30 a polyp, plus the shipping cost. So, sure $30 a polyp plus up to $50 for overnight shipping (and of course, a supply/box charge because those U-line styros are not cheap) would equal $80+ a polyp, if the price included shipping, which it doesn't, and I think anyone who orders one polyp is insane even at $30, since shipping is more expensive than the coral itself. I can understand your business model, and I understand business overhead ALL TOO WELL. I have no quarrel with MCG, as, I too got a great price on that maxi-mini nem from you. If you sell to locals for better prices, that's great, and, something I wasn't aware of. If you can get people to pay that price, great. As stated by Coffey, it's all market driven, and, I guess I really can't fault MCG for capitalizing on it, because that's what our economy is all about. Oh, and Earl, some day, I may need to get a piece of that raspberry back from you, as my colony took a trip to the reef in the sky once everything went south in my tank.
  15. Probably everyone knows what this coral is... I've seen them in various member tanks, and they pretty much all originated from my tank. There are some that didn't, such as when Huge1Day tore his tank down and people got some of his colony, which came from the same guy I got mine from originally. I got this coral from Adrain (akropora) a long time ago. I've sold these polyps for $25-$30 a polyp, in the past, when I was selling them actively, which is what I paid Adrian. Tonight, while browsing a coral vendor's website, I see they are being sold for $75 a polyp. REALLY?!? That's just insane. It disgusts me, knowing that these got to this vendor, indirectly, from me. I have hundreds of these polyps...does that mean I am sitting on $10000 worth of polyps, retail? Same with those super red mushrooms which also came from me, Adrian, and SeanJen. People sell those for $20 a polyp. The people I sold them to in the past, who turn around and then sell them for more, never paid more than $5-$10 per mushroom. Maybe I should just keep my mouth shut, but, it's hard to, seeing that I always tried to treat people fairly with corals, and then see them turn around and be not so fair to other reefkeepers.
  16. Damn, Joe...those colonies have gotten huge. Post a still picture of your tank... I may have to come pick up a few frags of corals I used to have
  17. Heheh, yeah, I don't think I could kill that if I tried. If it should die, after all the crap it's been through, for some unknown reason, it's just time for me to give it up
  18. Those trigger systems sumps are damned sporty looking with the red accents. They seem to be really well made, too.
  19. Well, seeing I lost all but two sps corals of an entire tank full, was covered I hair algae, and pretty much overrun with aiptasia (hair is coming back though, and aiptasia are still there, but just getting zapped daily), I'd say the tank was in very bad shape for almost a year. This is the first time I felt good enough about it to post any pictures or videos. When it was at its worst, I didn't even bother to photograph it, because it just made me sick looking at it.
  20. I was thinking the return pump really wasn't providing enough flow in the tank.... so I added a TUNZE! A pico TUNZE, that is Also picked up a clown goby...
  21. Are you referring to the stock fixture or the PAR bulb? I was referring to the stock fixture, which only uses 0.24W LEDs (31 of them). I would just like it to look more blue to fluoresce the corals. Realistically, though, the stock fixture does not look like it could be modified. It's on a PCB and everything is soldered on there. I don't think anything could be desoldered without ruining it.
  22. The PAR bulb is a failure... it's way too bright for this application, and, I have bleached both LPS frags I had in there. even with them at the bottom of the tank, and the light 15" off the water. Back to the stock lighting -- it's not BAD, as it is probably bright enough for what I am keeping in it, but, it's just not blue at all. I am wondering if I can modify the fixture and swap out half the white LEDs for blue ones, somehow.