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  1. Porcelain crab feeding...iphone video, so, not so great.
  2. Added a few things over the last week...and these are not by any means permanent additions. More of an experiment to see if I can keep things alive. I took two LPS frags I won in the photo contest and put them in there, as well as 2 shrooms, some GSP, and some caulerpa. I also added two bumble bee snails and a porcelain crab (they had some nice blue ones today). I also have one of those PAR 38 bulbs about 15" over the tank. It's really too much light. I like the color, but, it really does not photograph well at all, no matter how much I muck with the white balance. The photos look far more purple than the tank is. The bulb has two cool white bulbs and 3 royal blues. Nothing seems to have receded once I put the light over it today. Here's a pic.
  3. Quoted from LARC, back in 2006. This Nick was a trumpet player, too, and lived in Denham. Striking similarity, so I just had to ask. yea im goin to the meeting. and the sand, well its just ordinary sand. i bought everythin from my buddy nick, angelfishlover on here, so the cyano prolly hitched a ride from his tank. i'm sorry....>
  4. That last picture looks like an ORA elkhorn coral...definitely NOT a birdsnest. Is this AngelFishLover from way back when on LARC? Much improved from back in the day with the tank husbandry, if so.
  5. Not sure yet. I'll have to see how much evaporation occurs at a time. The tank's covered, so, I would assume it will cut down on the evaporation, and there's not really a lot of water movement to encourage evaporation.
  6. They look to be Chinese-made. Are CREE bulbs made in USA? That alone would make it worth me buying them over something Chinese.
  7. What's the difference between the PAR38 bulb and the lamp below, besides one uses Cree LEDs and the other uses Edixeon LEDs?
  8. Yeah, I had checked out a few of them...there's even a little lamp tree that I can get to mount it on. What kind of mix of bulbs would you choose to get maybe a 20K look? The options to mix are cool white, regular white, royal blue, and blue. Funny thing is, the lighting will be twice the cost of the tank, going that route, but, it seems to be really the only viable way to go. I am kind of concerned that it may be a bit TOO much light though.
  9. Hoping to re-spur my interest in the hobby, I picked up a 2 gallon SPEC from Aquatic Specialties today. Recycled some old dry sand and rock, and added water from my 120 as well as some MB7 to start the cycle off. The stock lighting sucks, and is way too yellow, so, I am looking to upgrade it to a REASONABLE LED fixture in the future, not so much for coral growth, but, just for better color (MORE BLUE). Any suggestions? I plan on maybe putting a clown goby in it, as well as a couple of snails and hermits, of the more COLORFUL variety. Corals will be shrooms and polyps. Maybe a shrimp, since I can't keep them in the 120 due to the flame hawk, and maybe a small amount of macro. I think a 1 cup water change a week will be adequate, as there is no skimmer, only mechanical filtration. Here's a cell-phone pic...
  10. Living it, myself. Lost all the SPS except the green slimer (bomb proof, it seems). Had a hair algae blowout -- got it under control, but, now, a few weeks after the last lettuce nudibranch disappeared, it's coming back. Aiptasia everywhere. Just tired of it. I am even contemplating switching back to discus fish.
  11. In the time it took you to post that, you could have programmed the Vortecs. :banana-dreads:
  12. Never was impressed with selection or pricing there.
  13. My previous tank, a 72 bowfront, had a canopy with 440W of VHOs on it, with a mag 12 running a downdraft skimmer and a mag 18 running the return. Never had a heat issue...I don't think it ever got above 81 in the 4 years I had it (well, until it hit 100 when the power went out for 2 weeks after Katrina :? ). It had fans in the canopy drawing hot air out, and that was about it for cooling. The house I used to live in when I had it was kept at 75 all day.
  14. I leave my A/C at 74, so, it's not that much cooler. You can always leave your cabinet open too during the day, which gives you a semi-open top tank, and place a fan on it. It's not an Eheim pump that's adding that kind of heat to your tank anyway. It's your lights.
  15. You are NOT going to have a heat problem with that pump, Kevin. Trust me. My tank, which has no chiller, never gets above 80, with 8 T5 bulbs above it. And, external pumps are noisy...I have one running a closed loop on my tank and I can't stand hearing it (it's a small panworld). As far as that pipe goes, yes, you should support it, even though I don't think much weight is going to go through it, but, rather the pipe may shake a bit as water flows down it, which could theoretically stress the bulkhead screw (that's how screws loosen on other applications, so I guess it could loosen the thead over a very long period of time).
  16. Nice setup and pictures... :obscene-drinkingcheers:
  17. I use snap grip plastic hose clamps, available from USPLASTICS.COM. 6 years and still going strong on my 120. I don't have any hard plumbing on that tank at all. ... rchresults
  18. Those are pretty nifty dimensions on that tank... what make is it?
  19. Probably the most awesome thing about this tank is the amount of movement present with all of the softies and anemones. Earl, is that a HUGE snail on the overflow in the second picture?
  20. Looks like crap, Earl.... you asked. JUST KIDDING! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: