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  1. SHOULD be able to go, if I am feeling better by then.
  2. Well, the problem is, I don't have a dedicated fish room, so, a plywood tank isn't really going to work if it can't be put in wall. I don't want to see the plywood frame around the window glass on three sides
  3. Jordan, What kind of rock is is that? It looks like pocillapora, and I've only seen that stuff in use one other place before now, and the guy said he had it for almost 10 years.
  4. Hahah...that's a picture for the ages with Coffey wearing the man-capris and rocking a man-bun.
  5. I spoke to Chip earlier today, he said they are typically taking 2-3 weeks for builds at this time. The bad news is that deliveries are done on Thursdays. They can't ship it to the store either, he says, because it is to wide to fit through the front door.
  6. TK! The swamp monster...yeah, he could morph into the rougaroux and just toss that bitch over his shoulder!
  7. The saga continues.... ...placed my order for the new tank today @ Aquatic Specialties. Should be here in 6 weeks. This tank is supposed to weigh over 600lbs with the 3/4" thick glass. I think I'm going to need just a LITTLE help getting this sucker inside the house when it arrives. Any takers? DFW is going to deliver it directly to my house instead of the store.
  8. Just as an aside, I keep my return section set to the bare minimum height required to keep the pump covered by about 1” of water over its top. If you fill that section up to near the top, you’ve got no reserve volume when the power is shut off and back siphoning occurs.
  9. Radions? I'm surprised you went back with LED.
  10. Damn lucky...I know mine won't be level at all, so I am going to have to go with a steel stand with leveling feet, I guess.
  11. Made by Planet? Plywood or dimensional lumber?
  12. Jordan, Is your stand completely made from lumber or do you have a metal support stand with a wood "skin?"
  13. No, just the tank and a metal stand. I think it's on the high side...but, I haven't bought a tank in over a decade, and the last one (the 120) only cost me $700 with 3/4" thick glass. Thanks, all for the encouragement. I'll have to see how things look today when I go pick the kids up.
  14. So, my livestock's been living in rubbermaid tubs at my mother in law's house the last 6 months or so while we built our house. Early on, I had a few losses of old colonies, but things then stabilized. Then, last week, my Oregon tort colony, 5 years old, somehow got knocked down onto a chalice and burned, and now this week, it's a skeleton. Well, just when it couldn't get any worse, it did. Wife called me today when she went to pick the kids up from her mom's house, telling me the osmolator alarm was sounding. She said the 10 gallon topoff reservoir was empty, no big deal. But, then when she looked closer, she noticed the sump was all but drained empty, and all the corals in it were being baked under the T5s. She valiantly bailed water out of the main tank while I rushed home over the causeway, to try to get things covered up with water. Needless to say, a lot of stuff is now going to die. After I got home and mixed up some new salt water to add, I could clearly see tissue sloughing off almost all the large LPS colonies I have living in the sump. Less than 4" of water in a 100 gallon stock tub remained. The culprit? The skimmer, which hadn't skimmed out crap in the last 4 weeks decided it was going to go into overdrive. It overfoamed and drained about 50 gallons of water out of the system, overflowing the jug I had it draining into and flooding the garage (thankfully, it didn't get into the house). I am beyond pissed, and, now I really don't even want to buy a new tank. I got a quote today for $4000 pre-tax on the 300 gallon system I am interested in from Planet Aquarium, but, now I just don't think I can justify spending it. It's times like this that I really hate this hobby.
  15. Glad to hear about the reboot, and, still stunned by the loss!
  16. Where'd the Rubbermaid come from? Was it one you'd used before?
  17. Damn! I hate reading stuff like this. What happened?
  18. The governor vetoed the bill. Then some asshat judge granted an injunction against it, closing them down until further notice. This was all Over reef builders yesterday.
  19. I was wondering why I didn't see you at MAcna...have you lost all sps?