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  1. Has anyone seen Aquatic Sealife's recent facebook postings? They're moving to a 4000 sq foot space in July from their current location on David Drive to the K-mart shopping center location "around the block" on Veterans Blvd. Talk about a huge store...I don't think there's been a locally owned store that big here that specialized in fish only, ever. I don't think even Aquarium Imports back in the day had that kind of square footage.
  2. Doesn't that just SUCK when you can't pin losses on anything?
  3. Welcome're moving up to "big boy tank" size now, lol
  4. Is that condensation inside the seam?
  5. Thanks, Adam and Paige for hosting us...I loved the huge cow pasture behind your yard! THe house came out great from post-flood renovations! Good to see everyone, and, thanks, Mike, for the great job on the crawfish!
  6. Indeed...check that too. I had an eShopps probe holder that did that. The Apex brand probe holder leaks as well (seen several pictures of failures on R2R).
  7. I think the first thing you'd need to do is determine how much alkalinity solution is needed to bring the alkalinity back up to the desired level. Then, program the apex to dose this amount of solution using IF/THEN statements based on the pH, the same way you would turn a solenoid on and off with calcium reactor when the pH probe detects the pH is too low for the media. This is just a guess on my part, because I don't know how the DOS pump actually works. The Neptune forum would probably be of greater help.
  8. This might be counter to what you would normally do, but, remove the GFO. Adam at BattleCorals has made mention of this several times on blogs and on postings on's one of the first things he suggests hobbyists do when trying to troubleshoot mystery issues, where everything tests within normal limits. He said GFO does more harm than good (not sure the reasons given, so I am just repeating). Do you need to borrow my nitrate test kit?
  9. So what happened with the sump issue?
  10. Long exposure to air will kill many sponges...but, if you're going to bother with that, you might as well just scrub it all off instead outside of the tank. This is purely anecdotal, so, I can't say EVERYONE will have this problem, but, I had a bunch of sponge die off last year at one point, and the tank looked like crap for a few weeks after that. I am guessing it's toxins or maybe just increased nutrients from die off that caused the corals to look bad, but, I'm not so sure I'd want to try and kill it while in the tank.
  11. Do you mean Salty Underground (the berghia people) or is this a different vendor?
  12. Really nice. Now, let those frags grow into big colonies...give them room, don't cram a bunch more frags into there for the stupid American-style "reef" tank.
  13. I really don't want to show you up, Joe.
  14. OK, so three days of dosing, after having done a 50 gallon water change on a 200 gallon system volume has brought the nitrates down from 64 to 12. The NO-PO4-x is no joke.
  15. Bought the NO-PO4-X at Adventure Pets today. I also retrieved my sulfur denitrator from storage and set it back up today too. Hoping to get the 64 nitrates down as soon as possible.
  16. I'll have to do that tomorrow...hopefully Adventure Pets carries it, since none of the other stores in this area are open on Sundays.
  17. Red Planet...RIP. RtN overnight. Tested the water and The tank is obviously cycling again. Nitrates greater than 60ppm and phosphate at 2ppm. I don't have enough rock in here, either. I was cleaning some of the rock off to get rid of aiptasia and BAD WORD brown palys. Things aren't going well, and I'm thinking it's going to be a total SPS loss by the time all is said and done. Colors are fine but there's no PE on any acro, at all.
  18. The Sunpower arrived yesterday. The box was damaged by UPS, and, one of the endplates of the fixture was bent. Fortunately, it's something that can be unscrewed and a new endplate screwed in to replace it. I have to admit, I am shocked by how shoddily built this high-end fixture is. The reflectors are very thin and bend very easily (they too had bends in them from pressure applied to their edges), as do the fixture's walls. The metal housing can't be any more than 26 gauge. Both Teklight fixtures I have are built like tanks compared to this, with metal at least three times thicker, and the amount of reinforcement the TEKs have is outstanding. Too bad Sunlight Supply stopped making the TEK and TEK Elite fixture, as I would have certainly bought one of those in 5' length instead of this. Really disappointing, having heard how heavy duty the old T5 PowerModule was built.
  19. In my experience, with tanks that have colonies the size of those that you and I keep, a gallon is gone in about 3 weeks time. It's far too expensive to have to replenish that frequently.