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  1. Had that happen to me before. It was a bad heater.
  2. THe big guy has bee leaning toward the front lately for some reason but it really gives you a good perspective on how massive he is.
  3. About 10. I need to get rid of 6 of the smaller ones.
  4. Latest update photo for this thread...........
  5. Yeah. I got a New job and then on top of that I got work on the side that I am doing. My truck project and life in general has kept me very very busy.
  6. So it has been a while. Here is what the tank looks like today.
  7. Yeah your right. It is in New Jersey. Close enough drive.
  8. Has anyone been to the Philadelphia Aquarium? I might be up there in a week or so and will try and go there.
  9. Someone is gonna get a deal.
  10. Sorry i had to bail before the Pizza was ready. My wife is sick and i had to go and take care of a few things. Looks like i missed out on some good food! will have to help again when the tank is ready to be moved again.
  11. So it is starting to sprinkle near my house. What is the backup plan if it gets too crazy?
  12. I should be able to help. Will let let you know more later in the week.
  13. If it is in the afternoon i could probably help. I like pepperoni