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  1. I'm going to leave the mag alone and work on phos and nitrate. I have some brightwell neophos coming in today to start dosing phosphate. I also have a nitrate discrepancy to figure out. I get 0.00 readings every time I test my nitrate with the red Sea nitrate pro kit, but the ICP test show nitrates at 18ppm. So either my test kit is bad or the ICP test is inaccurate. Going to bring my test kit and some water to the store I bought the kit from today and see if I can get some clarity.
  2. I got the results back from the ATI ICP and had some interesting results. I tested my water the day I bottled up the samples and got the following results from my kits: Salinity - 1.025 (digital refrac) Phosphate - 0.00 (Hanna) Nitrate - 0.00 (red Sea pro) Calcium - 444 (Hanna) Alk - 7.9dkh (Hanna) Mag - ~1400ish (aquaforest) My ICP results were as follows: Salinity - 32.40ppt Phosphate - 0.01 Nitrate - 18.93 Calcium - 451 Alk - 8.08 Mag - 1443 The nitrate reading is concerning considering I got 0.00 on a reputable kit, but I have been feeding very heavily lately so it's not unreasonable. At this point how do I go about lowering nitrates while raising phosphates? Test also showed pretty low iodine levels which should be an easy remedy. How should I go about lowering mag? Also seems.that it is time to change my rodi filters, getting high silicon reading from ICP thoughy TDS meters read 0 and my color change DI only appears half depleted.
  3. Not sure, it's an ora green stag looking acro but I don't think it's green slimer. The other acro that is much harder to see in the pic is an ora Joe the coral that is getting some nice color and a bit of growth.
  4. Another year later and here is how this tank sits now. Tank continued to be neglected until about 3 months ago. Since the last picture I have lost the bluejaw and the black clown mysteriously disappeared. That left only the orange clown and a mandarin. in the last months I have added a small sunburst anthias, another black clown, a female swallowtail angel, and a small multibar angel, as well as a few corals. Orange clown is currently in the sump, she got mean as hell when I added the new black clown. I am currently fighting low nutrients, as everything pretty much just seems to exist but not grow, and colors are light. Sending off an ICP test Monday to learn where all my parameters truly are, and I have started feeding 2-4 times a day (once dipped in selcon) instead of once ever few days. doing 10-15 gallon bi-weekly water changes. I am hoping to keep the tank on track this time around, every time things start going well something happens that kills my interest in keeping it up. But now I am expecting my first kid in a few weeks and I want this to be the one hobby that I can share with her that will be educational and maybe pass down a few real world skills.
  5. Has planet raised their prices a lot over the last few years? When I bought my tank in '14 I thought the price was great for what I got. Though my tank is only kinda custom, standard 65 gallon dims, rimless, black silicone, and external overflow. I guess the all out custom tanks come with a premium?
  6. Sounds good, I cant kill a badge!
  7. Thanks guys, I am looking forward to getting this thing back on track and looking better. I think I am going to try to keep to simple and hardy corals this go around because I know how I am and I know I will go through phases where I don't want to keep up with maintenance properly. Hopefully after a few water changes I will be able to get the algae on the sand under control.
  8. It has been 2 years and a day since I updated this thread. After I lost all of my fish except the clowns while QTing (which by the way I will never use formalin again!), I was so disgusted I became largely disinterested in the tank. It has had maybe 2 or 3 water changes in that 2 years, I have gone months without emptying the skimmer cup or changing filter socks, and at the worst I have let the algae grow on the glass to the point it would flake off in sheets. Over the last 2 months I have made some progress on getting better about some maintenance. I have been running some carbon and GFO, changing socks more frequently, and I built a stand and components for a water change station that still needs to be plumbed together. Here is how the tank sits now. I know it isn't great but it looks quite a bit better than it did at its worst and the few corals that are there seem to be doing well. 2017-03-21_05-56-12 by Jeff Stanley, on Flickr Here is the future water change station. I have a panworld 50PX that needs to be plumbed in and I can start using it. The hope is that if I can make water changes simpler that I will do them more often! 2017-03-21_08-02-03 by Jeff Stanley, on Flickr
  9. Mine was also in the late nineties, but I was a lot younger! A friend down the street set up a 30 gallon tank, complete with crushed coral, UG filter, dead coral decorations, and the marvel of engineering we all know and love as the skilter. He only had a standard T8 tube and some damsels in there, but I was enamored. I convinced my parents to buy me a 55 gallon setup for my 13th birthday, which was also complete with crushed coral, UG filter, hagen powerheads hooked up to the UG, and my own lovely skilter. I actually had a clarkii clown in that tank that would host condylactus nems. Shortly after setting up that tank I was introduced to aquatic specialties which put me on a much better path in the hobby. I soon upgraded to VHO lights and a knop HOB skimmer.
  10. I have the planet 65 rimless with black silicone and external overflow and love it. Price difference between the PA and the DSA was pretty negligible and I feel like I got a nicer tank than the DSA.
  11. Yeah get a window unit, you will wish you had it anyways when the next big hurricane rolls through.
  12. I would suggest they carry MAP items for big tickets, otherwise they will get slaughtered with online pricing, tunze, ecotech, ai etc.. Also no local people carry any stock of coralvue products which is mind boggling since they are in the back yard. nice lines for additives such as aquavitro and red sea. And a diversity of salt mixes from the cheaper to the higher end stuff. LRS and Nutramar frozen foods should do well, and sustainable aquatics makes really nice dry foods. For grab n go equipment use trusted quality brands like hydor and cobalt and innovative marine.
  13. A fish closet with a fish closet.... fancy That sounds like a good price on the electrical work. Back in maybe 2005 when I lived with my parents we paid an electrician more than that to run a single circuit maybe 20 feet.
  14. Well you got the big boys like me that eat 8-10lbs and then you got the women and children that eat 1-3lbs and it evens out.
  15. FWIW my company has an annual crawfish boil every year and we order 250lbs and that feeds 75-90 ppl and there is usually a good bit of left overs.