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  1. I'll definitely be there. I'll just take another day of vacation.
  2. I got there early and there were some amazing pieces. I bought some things early but waited till they were packing up to get the great deals. Hoping another event like this comes around soon.
  3. Spent a decent amount, but for what I got I was more than satisfied
  4. I've had peppermint shrimp eat half a head of frogspawn in my tank. The coral was damaged and hew tore it apart. It healed up and doing ok. The shrimp must have been very hungry because they stay well fed now and don't mess with anything.
  5. I used to have an Epic red bubble algae problem. I ran gfo and made sure I had some great nutrient export. I put a small scopas tang and 4 emerald crabs in there. 2 months later spotless. I think the key is good nutrient export and decent herbivores. I only have one small spot of hair algae on one of my pumps now.