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  1. Looks great brother! Now go into debt and fill that puppy up
  2. Hurry up and put some water in that tank!
  3. I'm right there with you guys. I still have my tanks and livestock but either I need to downsize or get off of my butt and make everything new again
  4. You could always put a couple of Tangs in there
  5. I loved the pictures! I wish I would have gone to the show. It probably would have lit a fire under my butt to get me more involved with my tanks again.
  6. How much of a difference is there between the AI Hydra 52 and the g3's
  7. I just read through the entire thread. What an awesome tank you have some skills my brother!
  8. I have been away too long because I don't know anybody except Coffey with short hair. Whats up with the haircut?
  9. I use ESV and use it within an hour and have had no problems. Its the cleanest salt mix I have ever used