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  1. I've got frogspawn, hammers , and rainbow Yuma mushrooms if you are interested
  2. Yes ! Rainbow yumas
  3. I've got frogspawn, hammers, and rainbow yuma mushrooms for sale ! I'm close to youngsville
  4. Sold lock to up please
  5. Price drop 300.00
  6. 20 long with 4 bulb coralife t5 lunar and cheap powerhead ! 40 bucks obo
  7. Price drop 375.00 obo
  8. I have these rainbow yumas for 20 a piece but I'm in new iberia
  9. I've decided to sell my 40 gallon nuvo with custom stand ! Comes with ocean revive led , innovative marine mighty jet dc return pump, to dc powerheads kind of like jebao but different name brand , gold nugget maroon clown , gold stripe maroon clown , heater , filter socks , innovative marine media rack , live rock and sand ! My return pump shorted out and killed all of my coral so I'm done with it ! Also have a diy ato that I built and works just fine only thing I would change is the pump because it is a little noisy 300.00 obo
  10. If you ever come toward new iberia I'll take him
  11. rickyb1982

    WD tenuis

    I dont have any frags but I can frag one for you
  12. rickyb1982

    WD tenuis

    Thinking about making a couple of 3/4" frags of my WD ! 85.00 per frag if anyone is interested ! Also have a few others I can frag at 20 bucks per frag ( miyagi tort, forest fire digi, hard purple bonsai, no name green acro and red and green monticaps! Rainbow yumas 20 bucks per shroom and I have a few green yumas also for 20 bucks per shroom !! My cell is 337-577-2307