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  1. And we're off. Stock list may include but is not limited to: nassarius snails one turbo snail blue legs red fire shrimp pom pom crab pistol shrimp/yasha goby clown goby neon goby hectors goby Possibly a Royal Gramma Maybe MAYBE a mated pair of Banggai Cardinals (yes I know thats pushing it.)
  2. Well after over a year hiatus from reef keeping Im back at it again. Not much to see just yet besides a little before and after of a very sad little 5 gallon. It was salty but using freshy rocks and decor. We had to set that up because our biocube sprung a leak, and was not in good shape so it went in file 13. We had a pseudochromis in it for about 3 months before he perished. All that was left was 4 blue legs. So I robbed some gear from my 75 that we can't setup yet, and here we are. Neat little nano in the kitchen. This will be my progress thread so Ill post some pics as they come. Day 1 Params SG = 1.023 Nitrate = 20ppm Nitrite = 0.5ppm Ammonia = 1.0ppm pH = 8.4 Added 5ml Stability
  3. This is a sweet small tank setup! Love that sump!
  4. Hey man! I haven't been around in, oh IDK, forever seems like. Love the new tank and the rock work. Teh whole package is rather nice indeed.
  5. I am sorry to hear of your loss. Glad to see you are getting back into reefing! There are a bunch of Mustang guys in here. Im building a twin turbo 331 stroker for mine right now as well.
  6. I am currently getting ready to revamp my tank to do something like this.
  7. I've never seen that frogspawn do that. I've also never fed reefroids either. lol
  8. Yay! The frogspawn and zoas look great!
  9. The finish of that tank is so sweet!
  10. Mine from last October when it was looking really good, right before things started going down hill. Switching gears to SPS dom now.