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  1. I see a ghost.... Ahhhh it's Halloween week. Larry!!!!! This time I managed to install four cross braces between the joists. All while removing two panels from the wooden walkway up there. Whew!
  2. Agree. The trim of the stand will go flush against the stand/plywood top/foam board and overlap the bottom of tank a little. Will have a silicone bead there too.
  3. Just three LED pucks that daisy chain off each other to power plug. With one of those little remotes. I have been debating painting it. There will be a 1" sheet of foam board glued directly on top of it.
  4. Some great news today, my tank is done and ready for shipment!
  5. Needed some vibrant color inside the stand too:
  6. The fixtures are hung! Used a plumb bob for first time. GREAT tool!
  7. Planning to hand my fixtures, getting measurements in order....
  8. More progress made, equipment added inside stand!
  9. More painting.... and prep for vinyl flooring:
  10. Time for a few updates! Spent quite a few evenings after work painting the stand. One. Slow. Coat. At. A. Time.
  11. I opened my sump shipment tonight! This Crystal Reef Aquatics sump is beautiful and has so many built in features. Probe holders, dosing line holders, heater holders, media tray that's swappable with filter socks holder. Both options included. Adjustable baffle for skimmer chamber, bulkheads for drain lines from tank into sump. And the packaging was too notch too!