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  1. I'm hoping for the best for you, but woman code talk is like the others said. You're in trouble and don't know it. You never know, my wife said build a big tank........... I went right to work on the plans like you're doing and it worked out. I never admitted to building a new house around the tank but............
  2. Notice how he says "got the $300 ones". That way he can frag something cheap and say it's from the $300 coral and I'll say wow, that looks awesome and buy it cause I won't know any better....... Show me the pics now so I can have it on file. I'm on to your game Bobby! You gotta pay for that trip some kind of way right?? :angry-tappingfoot:
  3. ONE DAY, I'm going to get over towards you and visit that tank. I keep saying ONE DAY. Looks cool with those triggers.