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  1. Hello old friends, its been awhile since my last post here, and thats because I haven't done much with my tank. Plus I change hobbies like most people change their underwear ?. I originally had a 75g tank, then wanted a bigger tank so I went with a 210g tank. Then once I got the 210g tank i realized I had completely lost my mind. A 210g tank was not feesable for me. The result was an under equipped tank, which combined with neglect, has turned into a tank filled hair algae and aptasia. Well I'm tired of having a poorly maintained aquarium in my living room, so I'm going to be moving as much of the live stock and rock/sand into my 75gal tank. Before I move it over I need get rid of the algae and pest nems off the rocks and the few pieces of coral I have left. I figured I would fill up a trash can with bleach and just bleach all the rock. I really gotta make sure I start off with a pest free tank otherwise I'll be right back where I am now. Any suggestions on how to clean everything up before transferring it to the new tank? Thanks in advance, and happy New Years!!!
  2. Hey that's awesome man. I wish I hadn't lost the parent fish that those babies came from cause since then I've been pretty unsuccessful with the cardinals. But I'm glad you still have those 3. Are they starting to mate at all?
  3. Yeah I'm pretty sure that's what it is. The photo I posted was taken a day or two after she laid them.
  4. hey man I'm not sure if they "hatched" or if they were eaten. They were gone before I even posted the pic of the eggs. They got to the point were I could see silver eyes in them, and I didn't think to break out my camera to document them. Next time I will.
  5. So I'm sure those of you who know me have noticed I've been Mia from the site for a while now. I still have the fish/ tanks that I've posted here in this thread, but I think I've all but given up on breeding marine fish for the time being. I just don't have the time to keep up with 3 different systems running at once. So I've decided to take down my 75g tank, the one with 4 seperate sections. Anyways the reason I'm posting this is because right when I think I'm ready to give up on my dream of successfully breeding clownfish, my original pair of clowns layed their first clutch of eggs. _MG_6556-2 by Daniel Giglio (Gigliosgallery.com), on Flickr even though I didn't even try to hatch/save them, it's still exciting to see that I've raised these two fish from ½" babies, and now their laying their first clutch of eggs. I've decided not to get rid of my broadstock for now, but instead I'm going to consolidate all my tanks into 1. Separating the 3 different clown pairs by using the dual overflows and main tank. Anyways b
  6. I would never try this, forget the cost of the tank, what will you do when that thing bust spilling all the water and fish everywhere ruining your house? Just because it's holding outside doesnt mean it will always hold. Plus if you can't afford to have it built right, then you won't be able to stock it either. I could be wrong, you might just like building stuff. If that's the case stick to bird houses lol. Sorry but I wouldn't even try that
  7. Super jelly, cool tank Will. Thats what i wanted before i got my 210g. Love the D.D Tanks
  8. Thanks man. Hope all is well with you and your family
  9. Hey guys i know ive been missing from the site lately but i wanted to congratulate all the supporting members, and moderators. Cant wait for the event!
  10. Sounds good. May i ask though, what exactly does it mean when yall say " director/ownership" , the ownership part mainly? If you dont mind me asking, does this mean he bought part of the site? And additionally, if this "club" is a non profit, how does that all work... I know this is really none of my buisness but im just curious really.
  11. Female, note the egg hanging. Male on the right, note the enlarged jaw. .