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  1. Here is a grade A drafting of the concept. Lol
  2. I had my auto feeder right there on top of my ATO. It would drop pellets into the feeder ring area. When they sank they went into the return. When I took the picture I had it that way due to the surface build up within the ring from food. Working on a different idea to get food to go to the return as some pellets would float around and settle behind the return pump. Have all the parts for it just need to find the time to do it
  3. Lol. Thanks homie. Hope all is well with you and the fam. Stool ain’t big enough. Got one of these platforms so I can run back and forth from side to side [emoji23]
  4. So I FINALLY made the move to a bigger tank. I was working with my 45G Shallow for a good minute and it treated me well. It has moved on over to the North Shore to hopefully treat it's new owner with the same results. Picked up this 120 secondhand with an internal overflow. Within a day of having it the overflow came out since I wanted to use up as much real estate as I can. Next thing was to take the stand and cleans things up a little. Before Trim and doors removed First attempt at an idea that went wrong with the help of a trim router that ran off and destroyed two of the panels in one quick slip... :( The final design. My pops was nice enough to let me raid his stockpile of reclaimed cypress (again). The lumber came out of some old fire doors that were in a warehouse they demolished years ago on Tchoupitoulas St in New Orleans. Unfinished side Finished In the house finally Instead of sealing off the holes where the internal overflow went I decided to go with a closed loop. Since the tank will require high flow, why not. I also purchased a 1/2" piece of HPDE to lay on the bottom to protect the glass. On the stand Next was the canopy. I decided with this build I would go with Halides, T5's and LEDs. lol, figured I couldn't go wrong, outside of frying my sticks. 2x 250w Radiums, 2x ReefBrite Supra Dual 48" T5s (Blue+/Coral+ in each fixture), 48" ReefBrite XHO, AI Prime HD for dusk/dawn viewing (all other lights are too bright when home in the afternoon = mega light spill). Suspended from the ceiling with 100# rated cables. Anchored in the attic (not from the sheetrock). Plumbing: First time doing a tank this size. I have to admit, I rushed it. Things came out crooked due to me not dry fitting everything first. Came out ok but I REALLY want to take it all down and redo it but it will have to do for now. Using a SICCE SDC 9 DC pump for the closed loop that I picked up used, has different modes like the Vectra's which is nice, WIFI controlled as well. Octo Varios 6 for the return, and Tunze 6105 for the inside. Originally was going to go with MP40's but the look of them on the tank killed it for me. Still not 100% decided on which pair I will use until the tank starts to see some sticks but for now I am leaning towards the Tunzes. Next was the scape. I used E-Marco-400 mortar to make this all happen. While slowly puting things together it never dawned on me that I was going to have to pick this up and put it in the tank verses building it IN the tank. That was a tense moment when the move happened. All kinds of things could have gone wrong, but in the end, all was good. and the final scape In the tank and filling her up And how she pretty much stands today, almost 2 months wet now. I'll post updates as times goes on. Anxious to get some SPS in there. -Will
  5. Lol, a trio of them is on my bucket list for my future tank. Always loved the way they looked. Just not the stories on their success..
  6. I wish. I think that is my Spendid Pintail Wrasse. Or it could be one of my bartletts.
  7. I tripled my rack space by adding more racks thinkin I would have plenty of room to start fragging some colonies.. now im scratching my head because not one frag was cut.....
  8. lord.. need to save some loot for this.. Jason Fox, WWC, ELOS, Reef Savvy, and so on.. I could easily go bankrupt here next year..
  9. just took on my first paid job... a little pressure as i'm getting paid this time around. A member asked me to build a canopy for his new Red Sea Reefer. Starting on it this weekend. I'll take pictures and post them if he's ok with it. I'm content with the things I've built so far for myself.. but there is a LOT of room for quality improvements. My biggest issue is work space and lack of good tools. But i'm working on it. Tools are freaking expensive! Appreciate all the kind words. =) in due time. =) Thanks!
  10. Thanks man! I'll keep updating when changes are noticeable.. for now I don't know how much more I can do.. I started with a minimal scape in mind but I find myself adding little bits of LR here and there to accommodate more frags. Only recently I added some LR to move some frags around as I was seeing some of my favorites heading for a collision. The top down pics will be the next update.. I didn't post this here, but here is a nano I just finished that is also in my living room. NUVO 8 build. Livestock wise it will be changed here soon. This will be a BTA tank.. just need to find a show piece BTA and a pair of select clowns.. the stand and canopy are made out of old cypress my pops had laying around in storage..pretty sure it was old flooring. AI Prime for lighting
  11. thanks guys.. lol @ club meeting.. should be more like a "bone cutter" meeting.. i like to think that subconsciously I overdid the SPS so I would have no choice but to upgrade to a bigger tank.. but I know myself too well.. I will have the same problem with a bigger tank.. if I can fit 50+ SPS in a 45g I can only imagine what a 200G would be like.. So for now I've sworn off LFS's and resisting the urge to look at the livestock marketplaces... which I just so happen to be looking at now. :|