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  1. I have 3 RBTAs all between tennis ball and softball size—$25. Designer clownfish purchased from aquatic sea life, don’t remember the name. $40 Six line wrasse— $15 Cleaner shrimp—$15 Call or text 7065752984 .
  2. jpines

    Mystery Wrasse

    Bump! He's in my 5 gallon for sps! .
  3. jpines

    Mystery Wrasse

    He's been in my QT for a week, someone come get him! Open to offers .
  4. jpines

    Mystery Wrasse

    Healthy mystery wrasse for sale. I paid $130, asking $100. 2-3" in length. Semi-aggressive and will eat clean-up crew. Will consider trades for SPS. Message me on here or text 7065752984
  5. Hate to hear that you're shutting down, Rick! Hope you're doing well. I'll try to swing by before you completely close down. -JR .
  6. I think it's my storage container. I use a brute trash can and only notice the smell if left in the container. If I make water directly into a bucket it is odorless. I've cleaned the Brute with vinegar and still get the same result.
  7. Mine has a fishy smell to it as well. New DI. Old DI. Still the same smell. Thoughts? And the TDS meter reads "0"
  8. Pulled my Radion down and added a ATI 6 bulb fixture and reefbrite...oh and added some SPS back to the tank [emoji57]
  9. Washing machine with a capful of bleach. Then I run the washing machine once more with nothing just to rinse them. Then air dry and store until needed.
  10. I'm not much help with the urchin, but just stumbled across your tank thread for the first time. Love the diamond plating on the stand! Very awesome looking setup you got there
  11. Here's the finished product-- and a picture of the cable hider/wire job behind the tank
  12. Yeah, just one extension cord through the wall into a surge protector should work
  13. I don't notice a bad disco effect in person..and I liked the Radion tank mount, but just wanted to add some t5's