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  1. I am running the same program but at 50% intensity. I have had significant growth on my zoas and palys since switching to the radion from an ai vega unit. I may bumbled the intensity down to 40 or 45 to see if that helps my sps frags on my rack that are barely under the waters surface. Thanks for the info.
  2. Out of curiosity. What program and brightness are u running on your radion. You've had sone pretty impressive growth on your sps as well as your lps so I'm just curious.
  3. Thanks kirk. Nitrite and Nitrate just showed up around day 5 or 6. Today is day 7 and I didn't test yesterday. I've heard people leave the shrimp in until it is completly gone but I didn't want my ammonia crazy high.
  4. Not sure if this is the place to ask or not but here it goes. I started a dead shrimp cycle in a 30l tank 7 days ago. Around day 3 I api tested for ammonia and it read 4ppm so I pulled out the shrimp as I thought the ammonia was high enough. I have been dosing the instructed amount of Stability nightly. Today is day 7 and my amonmonia is down to 2ppm. Nitrite is at 5ppm and Nitrate is around 30ppm. I have not had my lights on at all for the last 7 days. During the day it gets a small amount of ambient natural light. I also havr my temp around 80 and no power head running only the 2 return outlets from my "sump" Does this sound like I am going in the right direction. Any pointers or insight is greatly appreciated.