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  1. I would never use chemical clean there are to many horror stories.
  2. Yeah that is what I was thinking of. I'll have to pic some up and give it a shot.
  3. No signs of coral stress or anything?
  4. Updated pic from a better cam. Travis have you used chemipure blue personally?
  5. well I am getting her Whipped into shape. I am happier and happier every day I look at my tank nitrates are coming way down and the cyano is retreating. I am looking into dosing vinegar but not sure if I will more research is needed on my part. also looking into some chemipure blue and will probably go this route if the cyano does not disappear soon.
  6. Well I am slowly getting her straight still a lot to do.
  7. I remember reading somewhere that this stuff leeches aluminum into the water. I do believe it was never proven though it is worthy of some more research.
  8. 10 hours on the light. It is an old 20k bulb so I am guessing it's more like 14-16k.
  9. I do have a 250 watt metal halide over this 29 gallon. It may be too much light.
  10. Well here is a pic of the 29 Although very ugly with cyano at the moment despite the battle. I still enjoy it very much. I will get this tank back to its former glory once again. The cause of the cyano is due to high nitrates that i just cant seem to get down. The origional source as far as I know was due to detritus in the sump which has been cleaned and filter sock installed to prevent furhter issues. I have ben performing 10 gallon water changes a week to try to get the nitrate levels down with little success. The over all water volume is about 36 gallons. I have been thinking of bumping it up to a 50% water change to help get them down but am not sure if this is an appropriate action. Also a backdrop is soon to come so You wont see the wall behind the tank. Three sweet colonies that I got from Logan. Thanks again man. I do have to say to my wifes dissatisfaction that I have been infect by the BUG once again and am on the prowl for a larger tank. Well thanks for reading. And any denitrate techniques that have worked for you guys let me know. I hate cyano with a passion.
  11. Anthias are pretty sweet and active swimmers
  12. Well it has been a while since I have updated. The tank has been doing very well and today i decided to add some sps. The lta is bleaching but was in bad shape when i got it. It is expected to make a full recovery though.
  13. Nice! Grats winners next year is my time to shine I can feel it.
  14. I say get rid of the tv and add another tank for your viewing pleasure!
  15. I purchased a yellow clown goby and for his sluggishly looking shape he is lightning fast.