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  1. Bump and also selling individual parts. Prices below and will discount if everything is bought at once. Apex Classic $325 ATK $120 1link $100 Wav $100 Apple Airport $75 Reef Breeders Photon 48+ Sold Ecotech Vectra L1 $325 Tank, Stand, Sump, heaters, fuge light, misc fittings and plumbing $750 24V dual dosing pump (connects to 1Link 24v ports) $50 Skimz L90 Pump (never been wet) $100 Diablo 250ext Skimmer (Varios 6 Skimmer pump and Sicce feed) $300 Triple float switch ATO with breakout box and Spectrapure pump $100 BRS Dual Filter Canister $200 BRS Skimmer CO2 Reactor $20.00 MRC CR-6 Calcium Reactor, Bottle, Regulator $300 Dual 55g Mixing Station and 150 GPD RODI $200 PM me for pictures of any of the items. Most are in the process of cleaning now.
  2. I have way too many hobbies and my tank has been neglected so I am looking to move on. I have a 5’ long 120 gallon tank for sale with the following. steel stand with magnetic wood panels and adjustable feet wood canopy with doors and flip open lid Apex classic Neptune Dos 1 Neptune Wav (other one broke but this one is new) 1 mp40 (6 months old) vortech battery backup vortech l1 return pump Reef octopus Diablo external skimmer (varios pump) Small mag drive pump to feed skimmer Reef Breeders Photon led light pair of 24v dosing pumps wired to apex Neptune feeder neptune ATO spectrapure ato pump triple float switch ATO BRS dual filter canister for carbon/gfo 40b sump with glass baffles Amazon grow light for fuge MRC calcium reactor with 5lb bottle and regulator ghost style overflow with triple drains outdoor mixing station with 55 gallon drums, mag 9 pump and avast barrel tender air water ice RODI I’m sure I am forgetting some things and will add them as I remember. I would like to get $2,000 for the complete setup including rocks and sand and at this time am not interested in parting it out. I can also help with delivery around Baton Rouge if you don’t have a truck as it is a heavy tank and stand. here is the build thread from a few years ago with more details.
  3. When I got home today I shut off the CO2 for the calcium reactor and swapped over to the Kalk reactor again. I tested alk (9.2) and will test again tomorrow afternoon to make sure my consumption is at or over saturated kalk. I also took a few pictures of my mixing station. The left barrel is RODI and the right is my mixing barrel. The Tupperware on top is protecting my Avast barrel tender and I have a level gauge made from clear pvc on the side. A mag 9.5 is set up to draw from either barrel and dumps into the mixing barrel. I ran the return down to about 6" off the bottom of the drum then added a 90 and a flow accelerator. So far this has worked great and it completely dissolved my first bag of salt much quicker than my old setup without the flow accelerator. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
  4. If you come into Baton Rouge often I got my CO2 tank from Praxair on Choctaw and they exchange them. I think I paid $80ish for a 5lb CO2 tank and they keep those in stock and swap them out. I'm sure most of the welding supply places will do the same as I have a much larger argon/co2 bottle from TNT (Praxair only goes up to a certain size before they make you rent). I know on the larger bottles TNT fills YOUR bottle and does not exchange. This was good for me with my welding bottle since I rarely fill it but I would think an exchange would be better for a calcium reactor CO2 bottle as you won't have to wait for the bottle to be filled.
  5. Time for another update. The tank has been running great and I have been trying to decide what to do with my CO2 scrubber/pH management strategy. When I initially added the scrubber a few weeks ago my pH went from 7.8-8 up to 8.1-8.2 and I noticed my alk consumption pick up. Well, after what seemed like an incredibly short amount of time the pH went back down to 7.8-8 and I worked on dialing my calcium reactor in instead of messing with the scrubber all the time. However, last week I decided to try the scrubber again so I refilled it on the 13th. Once again I noticed my alk consumption increase but this time I had it dialed in to hold a steady 10 dkH. My pH setting on the reactor was 6.95-7.1 and upon refilling the scrubber I had to drop my pH to 6.85-7 in order to balance out at 9dkH. This was with a fixed effluent rate of 15 ml/min out of a dual chamber MRC-6 calcium reactor. Based on this little test I decided that I definitely need to do something to keep my pH up. The scrubber works amazing but I think the combination of my skimmer (Coral Box D700) and living room CO2 concentration are not a good match for long term use of the scrubber media. For now I have the BRS media and scrubber and I know I can get media much cheaper but changing it once a week (or less) is going to get old fast. I am already running Chaeto (16 hours) and getting great growth and I am debating bringing my Kalk reactor back online. I originally took the Kalk reactor down because it was raising my dkH too high but now my consumption has picked up so that may not be an issue. I really want to avoid mixing kalk in an ATO container because I have my ATO pump pulling from my 58 gallon RODI barrel outside and I do not want to keep another separate container in the house for Kalk. Tonight I plan to measure my effluent dkH and try to get a good estimate on my dkH consumption so I can see if the Kalk reactor will be feasible. I am evaporating around 1.5 gallons per day so based on 100% saturated Kalk I will be adding about 1.5 dkH on 120 gallons system volume. I have also set up my mixing station and it is working great. I keep forgetting to take pictures of it but I have the two 58 gallon containers set up with one for RODI and one for Mixing with a left over Mag 9.5 between them to do the lifting. I also have the Avast Barrel Tender V2 and just installed the 150 gallon per day kit on my RODI so now my RODI production is fully automatic and more efficient. Since I am running my RODI outside I have the waste go out into the yard but with the constantly on/off RODI and the 75 gallon per day membrane I was having alot of issues with that area of the yard staying too wet as it is shaded most of the day. This system should allow the yard to fully dry (then some) between running the RODI then produce roughly half as much waste.
  6. Thank You! That sounds familiar and I do remember that it was a lower light SPS. I am kicking myself for not writing everything down when I got it.
  7. I had another buys several days with Fragniappe right in the middle. After several days of daily Alk monitoring without using Kalk I now have my alk down at 9.2 which is right around where I want it but on my way down I found that my pH was lower than I would like. I have been toying with the idea of a CO2 scrubber for a while so I decided to add the BRS unit. I started with a container of their media as well but when that is gone I will probably switch to one of the medical offerings that is much cheaper. The pH change after adding the reactor was immediate and since adding it I have gone from 7.8-8 all the way up to 8.1-8.2 and my alk consumption sped up. I brought the calcium reactor online when my alk dropped to 9.7 and have been slowly bringing it up and my alk is still slowly dropping. I am now at a pretty fast drip on the effluent and a pH of 6.9 so I will see where the alk is this evening. The reactor has had no influence on pH yet so depending on how the CO2 media is to maintain I may ditch the kalk reactor all together. Now for the exciting part.... I picked up 9 new frags at Fragniappe and they are doing great. I cannot remember what all of them are so if anyone recognizes anything please let me know. 3 Euphyllia Rainbow Acan Duncan large SPS frag (laying on plug) Montipora digita frag (I think. This is the one on the sand for now) smooth pink SPS (don't remember the name but I think it started with an S) Pink acro I also picked up some new barrels for my SW mixing station. I decided against the IBC totes I was considering and went with 58 gallon food grade barrels instead and picked them up for $25 each. They are currently soaking in bleach and the gray container has no more odor but I am going to empty the black one tonight and add more bleach/water to do another round. I also picked up an Avast Barrel Tender so I don't have to remember to turn the RODI on and off. The unit is outside so I typically only check the RODI when I make saltwater so I either end up forgetting and leaving it on which eats my DI resin with my ATO pulling from it or I leave it off and have to wait to make enough water to make salt. I have not installed the Tender yet but my plan is to mount it inside a tupperware container on top of the black barrel to keep it dry and feed the RODI and power through small bulkheads and grommets in the side. Running the Mixing station outside has some unique challenges but overall it is worth the effort to keep any potential spills out of the house. (this picture is not where they are staying)
  8. Here are mine. Got then all dipped and settled into my 120. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk Anyone else kicking themselves for not capitalizing on some of the deals on gear? I spent an hour debating on picking up a gyre and a new salt (was looking hard at Fritz) and now after getting home I wish I had picked up both. Oh well, maybe next year.
  9. The tank is looking great. Good luck getting it going.
  10. Thank You. I forgot to add that I also picked up a DOS and have it set up to change 1 gallon of water a day. I must say I wish I had done this sooner. With my 75 gallon tank I changed 20 gallons of water a few times a year then when I originally started the 120 I decided to up my game a little and do 3-4 gallons every 3 days. I am not sure of the exact volume but I used my return manifold and pump to fill a bucket until it was almost cavitating then marked the bucket. I had great results with this in the 9 months the tank was running before the flood and in the 2 months after but I still got tired of buckets and found myself starting to skip days here and there so I bit the bullet and got the DOS. I planned ahead when I ran my ATO tubing in the wall and ran 2 extra tubes (RO line) for an AWC setup so all I had to do was hook them up. Now I never have to haul buckets for ATO or water changes (unless I have a bigger issue) and my only water maintenance is refilling my RODI Brute and mixing SW every few weeks. I am now looking for some 55+ gallon opaque water storage containers to replace my Brute cans. I would like to be able to mix exactly 50 gallons of SW at a time so I can dump a bag of salt and not have to measure so I need the capacity of the container to be slightly more than 50 gallons since I know some SW will remain in the bottom as I will not run it dry. I am also thinking I should stay with an opaque container since I keep my RODI and SW outside under the eave of the house.
  11. Everything is still going pretty good with the tank except my BTA (I know its early to add one) decided he did not like the spot he was in for over a month decided to move to the back of the tank and retract. He has been hiding for almost 2 weeks. I keep thinking he is dead but he still extends some at night and has moved a little each day so I have not removed him. I also discovered last week that my salinity had crept up to over 1.030 when I was finally able to remember to get some calibration fluid for my refractometer. I brought the salinity back down to 1.026 over the course of a few days and the nem seemed to approve of the change but he is still not back. The only other issue I have had is my alk slowly increased to 12.3 (picked up around .5 dkH per day) before I caught it. I have been working on bringing my Kalk reactor back online and was right on the edge then evaporation picked up the last few weeks and caused me to overshoot. I have the reactor offline now to slowly bring it back down to around 9 and so far it is dropping about 1.2 dkH per day and everyone is staying happy. I did pick up a few new fish as well to help fill out the tank. I got a Purple Tang, Coral Beauty and Flame Angel from NYAquatic and I must say I was very impressed. The tang was at least 3" and both the coral beauty and flame were very healthy and colorful. After a week in QT of fighting ammonia I decided to take the chance and introduce them to the main tank since they were all very active and eating great. However, when I put them in the main tank I had an unexpected reaction from my Potter's Angel. I know keeping multiple dwarf angels can be risky but based on what I have seen the Potters is the least aggressive so I figured with it in first I might have a shot if I add the flame and coral beauty at the same time but the Potters did not agree. As soon as the flame went in the Potters went on the attack and started chasing it around. After chasing it into the overflow then pecking at the overflow to get at the flame I decided to put the flame in a fish trap/acclimation box in the tank to see if I could manage the aggression. After 3 days of the flame in the box and the potters ignoring it I released the flame and it seemed like everything would be ok as the Potters was ignoring the flame for the most part and only giving a small chase if the flame got too close and not a full blown attack. At this point I decided that if the flame got trapped at the surface again or ended up the overflow I would rehome him or place him in another tank but before I had the chance he apparently got into the overflow and sucked down my siphon drain. I am mad at myself for letting that happen but lesson learned. Other than that the rest of the fish are doing great. In other news, I did have one equipment failure. My return pump (DCS-12000) randomly restarted a few times since I started the tank but Thursday night last week it shut off around midnight (based on the amp readings from my EB8) and stayed off all night. Friday morning I spent about an hour fiddling with it to get it back on then as soon as the local fish stores opened I started looking for a new pump. I had been waiting on the Neptune COR but decided I could go with the RO Varios 8 or a Vectra and I was able to find a Vectra L1 in stock at Reef Coral so I picked it up. I went with the L1 as I have a 40B I am planning on feeding along with my 120 and I did not want to ever come up short on flow. After a bunch of research on the Vectra plumbing fittings and trying to figure out how I was going to connect it I remembered reading that my current Jabao pump also has British threads and they appeared to be the same size outlet so I decided to try the Jabao adapter on the Vectra and it fit perfect. So now my Vectra is plumbed using the barb adapter and collar from the DCS-1200 instead of multiple adapters.
  12. Good luck and very nice tank. I restarted after the flood as well and it was a welcome surprise that all of my equipment except for the controller for my skimmer pump survived. Don't throw any gear away until you test it for sure.
  13. Time for a little update.... The tank has been doing great and I have added a few more corals. I just got my February shipment from the Murfreesboro Aquatics subscription (which I'm loving so far). I never can remember the names but I ended up with some more great pieces including a good sized acan. I need to take some pictures of the new stuff but so far it's doing great. I ran the stirrer for the past few days and picked up .5 dkh in 3 days so with the new additions I'm thinking it will balance out. My wife is really wanting to add a Duncan so I may pick one of those up soon as well. I need to take more pictures in the next few days and I will add them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Thank you. He turns 3 in June and absolutely loves the tank. He gets mad if I move his stool and will drag it back every time. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. My next steps are to continue to watch my alk as I add more SPS and LPS corals then slowly start to turn on CO2 to my calcium reactor when I max out the kalk reactor. I am currently impatiently waiting for the Neptune COR pump to be released so I can replace my Jabao DCS12000 to give me a little more piece of mind on such an important component. I am debating heavily on just going with a Vectra M1 but one of the reasons I want to get away from the Jabao is because I cannot do anything but On/Off with the Apex and I would like to ramp it down for feedings without using a separate controller. I also swapped out my refugium bulb about 2 weeks ago from the 5000k Par38 bulb from Lowes to a Par38 Grow light bulb from Amazon and I must say I wish I had done this sooner. My chaeto growth exploded over night with the new bulb. Before, i was barely getting any growth at all (both before the flood and since) and in a matter of a week the chaeto ball doubled with the new light. If anyone is interested here is the link to the bulb I used and highly recommend. Granted, I have not compared this to any of the other grow bulbs or fuge specific bulbs but it was a huge improvement over the standard HD/Lowes bulbs. Other than that, I am still watching my nitrates and am currently adding 10ml of vinegar daily to maintain right around 2. I am using a SP100 dosing pump from APT instruments which is the same pump in the BRS Drew's doser for about $30 cheaper and it has worked great even after being under water for a few days.