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  1. Eric

    Corals for sale

    I have two separate clusters of candy cane each with more than 20 heads and on them and a frogspawn with more than 25 heads. Looking to clear out the bio cube to get rid of it. I no longer have the time to enjoy the hobby, unfortunately and I’m tired of paying to “attempt” to kill the aiptasia clusters that keep reappearing after the berghia have done their jobs and die off. Looking to see what a good selling price would be. I do not have the experience to frag any of these and I’m not looking to pay off my mortgage with the sale - but don’t want to sell myself short either. None of the corals are affected by the aiptasia!!! I can add another pic after the lights are off to show the numerous heads of the frogspawn along with the protruding tentacles of the candy cane to show that they are alive and well. They have been routinely fed with Reef Roids powder. Any help or information would be greatly appreciated. TIA